The final interview of your life.

There is a day in the future when everyone will be interviewed without exception. Whether you want to comply or not you will appear before the Creator of the universe and have to answer for the decisions that directed your path in life. Everyone would have been given at least one opportunity to gain salvation via God’s plan through accepting Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Savior. Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me!” A majority of the world’s population do not agree with this statement. This disbelief does not negate the truth of God’s word and the only way into heaven spoken by Jesus. Those who believe will inherit eternal life with God and those who oppose will condemn themselves to eternal damnation the fires of hell created for Satan and his followers.

So a boy becomes a man all the while struggling with tormenting thoughts of repeated sexual rapes by his uncle. His parents were alcoholics and drunk almost every night for years on end. He had to fend for himself a lot and would eat supper at a few of his friends houses nightly. Friends parents felt sorry for his neglect and did what they could to include him in family activities. Kids at school made fun of his parents but he defended them just the same. He really felt abandoned by his parents because when he needed rescuing from his perverted uncle they were passed out downstairs. He blamed his parents for his uncle’s actions and eventually hated all three of them. He was caught in a downward spiral and started to abuse younger boys as he had been. He wanted to be on the opposite side instead of always being on the receiving end. He continued the lifestyle of a pedophile and slipped further away from God. When younger he refused the help of crisis counselors because he was ashamed to talk about his abuser. He pretended that all was okay to avoid suspicions about being sexually active especially with someone of the same gender. He limited interactions with most people for fear they would discover his dark secret. After decades of living the life of a pedophile he was mugged and stabbed to death in an inner city alley.

Now to his amazement he was standing in heaven before God’s throne. God asked him why he refused counselling when he was a young teenager. He said he was ashamed and couldn’t trust anyone. God said He was reaching out to him so He could help him put it behind him and receive healing for his damaged soul. God replied when you refused the counselling you refused me too. I provided an escape route for you but your fear kept you prisoner. You lashed out against me by becoming an abuser and offending my little ones. So since you refused my help and ultimately me also I must refuse to allow you entrance into my heavenly kingdom. Depart from me you worker of iniquity and be banished to the fires of hell created for Satan and his followers. He never expected to meet God or be disallowed from heaven!

Next a young woman addicted to heroine was standing on the corner selling her body to any interested person. A pastor would frequently stop and pick her up to reach out to her for salvation. He would take her to a drive through fast food restaurant and buy her some food for her body because she would forget to eat. He would tell her Jesus loved her and gave His life for her sins. She would let the words go in one ear and out the other as she ate her meal. He would give her some money if she promised to buy food and not drugs or alcohol. She would thank him for his kindness and say to herself what a sucker that pastor was to be throwing his money away on her. After scoring another fix she thought about the pastor as she tightened the band around her arm to get her veins ready for the injection. She inserted the needle and injected the heroine unknown that it was laced with rat poison to kill her. She shook with the burning sensation wondering what was happening. Her body convulsed violently as she drew her last breath and surrendered her young life to narcotic addiction.

She traveled through a round tunnel heading for a distant light. Finally her feet were planted in a beautiful place and with amazement she heard her name being summoned. She walked in the direction of the voice and stopped before the throne of God. Maria do you remember Pastor Williams? Yes she replied, he would pick me up and buy me food to eat and then give me some money too. What did he talk with you about? He would talk about you creating the universe and you sending your son Jesus to show how to obey you. Did you believe what he told you? I had a hard time believing him it all sounded too good to be true. What did Pastor Williams tell you when he gave money to you? He said to buy some food not drugs or alcohol. I know what you whispered inside when he told you what to buy. Did you know that I was the one who told Pastor Williams to reach out to help you and he obeyed my request? You had several opportunities to pray with Pastor Williams for your salvation but instead you chose to ignore his advice. By refusing to receive salvation you were refusing me from working in your life to deliver you from narcotics. So now in keeping with your decision to abide apart from me I will ask you to depart from me you worker of iniquity and be banished to the fires of hell created for Satan and his followers.

Another young college student was happy to be away from her Godly mom who limited her fun in life. She would go to every party on campus and smoke pot, pop pills and wash it down with alcohol. She would loosen up and became very promiscuous with most guys. She became very popular but for the wrong reasons. Several times she found herself pregnant but there was a Planned Parenthood Clinic just outside of campus. She kept her unhealthy appetite for sex hidden from her parents who would die if they ever knew she was living contrary to the way she was raised. Most of the abortions were because she didn’t know who the father was so no one would care what she was doing. She was hesitant at first but herĀ  insecurity was replaced due to the encouragement of PPC staffers. You go girl, you have the final say over your body regardless of what anyone may tell you. You don’t answer to anyone, your choice is your right! So after another visit to the local PPC this time something went horribly wrong but not for the unborn baby this time. Excessive bleeding while waiting alone lead to loss of consciousness and her life slipping away while a patient at the clinic.

The journey into the after world was exciting but different from stories she had heard. The sense of awareness was supercharged as if she could predict what would happen next. The all knowing mind of God seemed to be directing her path forward and arriving before the very throne of God. Why am I here with you she asked? You are here because you were careless with your health due to your confidence in the staff who knew you from previous procedures you had there. You were vulnerable this last time but that went unnoticed by the familiar staff. Your hemorrhage was critical and your life blood was exiting your body. Trying to end the life of your unborn baby on your own had catastrophic results thereby ending your own life prematurely. I had better plans for you but you refused to be available for me to speak to you. I would have forgiven you for ending the lives of your unborn babies but you never asked me about it. Your heart was hardened by the words of the pro-choice movement. They succeeded in convincing you that the unborn baby was only a blob and had no sensory awareness of the pain of being dissected. The womb was designed to be the safest place on earth for life to start and grow into the people I had plans for to interact with the rest of humanity. My plans are aborted with the unborn babies to the magnitude of millions of un-lived lives. Unfortunately you took pride in having the right to choose to extinguish innocent lives. Now I must choose to sentence you on the merits of your proud choices. Depart from me you worker of iniquity for I never knew you the way I had hoped. Be banished to the fires of hell prepared for Satan and his followers. Take heart in knowing your babies will be with me forever because they were innocent unborn lives.

The Muslim Jihadist lived by the sword of Allah. He was indoctrinated with hatred for the Nation of Israel first and foremost as well as everyone else who opposes Islam. The infidels must convert or die by Muslim hands. The thought of receiving 70 virgins in Allah’s domain is tantalizing to any testosterone infused Muslim adolescent. Strap on a suicide bomber’s vest and mingle in a crowd of enemies of Islam and end your life to bring honor to your family, a true martyr. Chant rhymes to demoralize enemies, keep the females in subjugation because Sharia Law demands nothing less. Rape little girls and their mom’s, because you are encouraged to do so. Deny females the opportunity to get a classroom education and kill any female that pursues an education. Prevent females from going out in public without a male accompanying them and never let them drive an automobile. Crucify Christians in public places, bury people alive including children and burn alive anyone you desire because no one in your sphere of authority will stop you. Convert the world to Islam and rule from your caliphate as required by Mohammad. Just focus on Jihad and don’t get distracted while you wait to detonate your suicide vest. Make certain there are lots of children and women among your victim target. Keep your eyes open so you can see the deliverance of Allah as he welcomes you his martyr into his multi-virgin domain. I’m in the Israeli children’s hospital mingling with a crowd watching a puppet show. I start my count down while pressing on the detonation button. I think of all the nails that will fill the air when the blast goes off. Allahu Akbar is the last phrase that I utter as the button is released! Allah is the greatest!

Surprisingly the destination is lacking in virgins awaiting my arrival. Where is the great Allah that the prophet Mohammed wrote about in the Koran? I believed whole heartedly that Islam was the only true faith and opponents would be killed and go to hell. Now I face a rude awakening as I am lead to God’s throne by 2 angelic beings. Speechless I gaze in wonder at the God of all creation looking at me. God begins to speak and I tremble at the sound of His voice. You were raised by those who have positioned themselves against me and my people Israel. Muslims and Israelites have the same earthly father Abraham. Your lineage is linked to Ishmael Abraham’s first born son of Hagar the Egyptian bond maiden of Sarah Abraham’s wife. The Israelites lineage is linked to Isaac the second born son of Abraham and Sarah who is 13 years younger than Ishmael. There is extreme jealousy in the hearts of Muslims who feel shunned by Abraham sending Hagar and Ishmael away from his camp. This feeling of abandonment drives the Muslim animosity toward the Israelites. I chose Isaac to be the progenitor of the Messiah my son Jesus. My promise to Abraham always included Isaac. Abraham and Sarah devised the plan to bring forth a son to Abraham because Sarah was unable to conceive. I blessed Sarah to conceive 12 years after Ishmael was born because that was my plan all along, Sarah was 89 years old at that time. I am in control of the times and seasons and it is always in the fullness of time that I make my plans materialize. You spent your time worshipping a false God who deceived Mohammed who is actually his false prophet. You were willing to kill women and children in the name of Allah believing you would be rewarded for your murderous deed with 70 virgins. There are no prize virgins here or anywhere else for that matter. Fornication would never be allowed in my heaven so the 70 virgin reward is only another lie of Satan’s. You kill in the name of Satan who has succeeded in deceiving you and all Muslims alike. You kill my Christians and Israelites thinking you are purifying the world when you are polluting the world with your false doctrine. You curse the name of Jesus when it is he that I made the gateway into my kingdom of heaven. You proclaim Allahu Akbar and he is not God yet you ignore me the only true God. You can join Mohammed and Allah in the hell fires prepared for Satan and his followers. Depart from me you worker of iniquity and inherit your just reward.

These depictions do tell the truth as is established in the Holy Bible God’s absolute word of life. Rejecting these scenarios will afford you the flames of hell. Accepting them will assure you residence in God’s heaven forever amen!