“Girls before boys!”

Our earliest lessons as children were taught at home by moms and dads about respect being given to someone by an act of courtesy. Boys were taught to open and hold doors for girls and all women in general. The act of door opening also included the phrase that was part of the lesson. “Girls before boys” was the chant of the respectful trainee as he began his life of chivalry, as most mom’s hope to be the lifelong practice of their dear sons. Other phrases of “please and thank you, please may I be excused, do not interrupt when someone speaks, etc., were equally important to shaping good character traits.

But I think that one phrase in particular today during this 2016 Presidential election season takes center stage almost by intended default. Hillary Clinton has invested over four decades planning her woman’s liberation take over of the Oval Office because she feels entitled to do so. She is still a “minority” as is the first black president Barack Hussein Obama. She is extremely angry that the Caucasian majority threw their hats into electing a non-Caucasian African of Kenyan descent as President before her white female self in 2008. She has spent these last eight years strategizing to USURP that Oval Office even if it kills her, or anyone else who may get in her way! Trails of skeletons as well as trails of scandals are what keeps her up at night waiting for that anticipated 3:00am phone call whereby she rescues her loyal citizens from Putin, Assad, Netanyahu, Kim Jong-Un, or maybe Osama Bin Laden resurrected to be taken out again this time to her credit alone. Regardless she has waited long enough so this time it’s “GIRLS before boys!” and not even the “Donald” will deter her aspirations, father of the DEPLORABLES or not Trump she thinks is a light weight opponent. Hillary wants to be the first “Female President” which may include some payback for philandering husband “Bill” for cheating on her for over four decades. Her true intent is her “secret” as was the Benghazi YouTube video, Clinton.email.com home brew server, Clinton Foundation pay to play, Haiti relief money redirected, AIDS vaccines for Africa watered down 50%, etc.

Her secrets have a way of going public not only nationally but also globally. The world has a right to know the real Hillary as much as we do. The Main Stream Media, aka CNN (Clinton News Network) and their ilk will hide any/all negative information from the public to help her usurpation of the Oval Office. NBC moderator Lester Holt was recently responding to HRC’s secret hand signal of scratching her nose to throw Trump a curve, hardball, or sinker to strike him out. Lester Holt responded with a shifting of topics within 30 to 60 seconds of her signaling him. Thank God for people who were keen enough to see these synchronized gestures to trip Trump up! Hopefully there will be some inquiry to this National Election Commission cheating scam sponsored by the DNC again. Explain the 3 men going to her podium immediately after debate ended, retrieving documents and possibly electronic devices to project data to podium screen, scrolling mechanism Hillary was manipulating discreetly, transmitting device below jacket seen when she leaned over and the earbud in left ear. Hillary was being coached audibly and received typed messages on podium screen. This screen was dimmed completely when she walked away from the podium via motion sensor or remotely by person.

Behind the facade of the HRC campaign her minions were very busy collecting opposition research on Republican candidate Donald Trump. The Russians were ready to collude with the DNC to provide hyper exaggerated comments on Trump’s visit to Russia in 2013 saying he played with hookers while at the hotel. A British MI6 agent was contracted to compile a dossier designed to either prevent Trump’s election or impeach him from office. HRC and the DNC paid $12 million USD for the salacious pack of lies to discredit an honorable man. Hillary is not only a woman but also the most corrupt politician in this country. She has beat all her male opponents hands down in number of inconsequential scandals perpetrated upon the citizens of this country. She is accustomed to making her adversaries disappear especially when they expose her lies or misdeeds. The Clinton body count is over 5 dozen to date and I expect more before she ever gets indicted for anything illegal, unlawful or scandalous.

The only thing that Hillary deserves for her lifestyle is an orange jumpsuit and solitary confinement so she can listen to herself talk out loud. Her own Democratic Party are finally over her and are turning on her, it’s about time! The day is coming when old unfinished business will be taken up again under a new administration to hold Hillary accountable for all the wrong she has done starting with the Benghazi Libya death of 4 of our best! If the death penalty was still enforced and she was on death row, a male inmate might say when the time came to die “Girls before boys” madame Secretary! This would be the first time she ever wanted to not be preferred.



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