Obama’s “neutered” nation!

Obama promised “change” for this nation and he is delivering on that promise. However his idea of change is more drastic than any sane person could have imagined. The self proclaimed uniter in chief (molado ethnicity) has trumped Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farikhan, Elijah Cummings and Charles Rangall with playing the “race card”. Obama along with former Attorney General Eric Holder have successfully driven a wedge between Police Officers and the black thugs across this country. Too many innocent Police Officers have been assassinated due to the political stand of the two top black men in government. Revenge for the white slave masters mistreatment of multiple decades past? It’s not their score to settle, a matter which happened in the era of our great grandparents and we should not be subjected to paying reparations for the sins of our forefathers. The racial divide unfortunately thrives due to Obama’s desire to punish the white race who set about establishing British colonies worldwide. If he hates the white race so much then why does he speak in the English language instead of his native Kenyan tongue?

Obama’s first presidential task was returning the bust of Churchill to the British, spitting in the face of these original colonialists. Next he travelled throughout the middle east on his pathetic apology tour to win over his fellow Muslims. He bowed in homage to a Saudi King relinquishing his presidential authority to prove his subordinate role to this Muslim king, how gracious of him to surrender! He supports the Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist watch list and appointed Muslim Brotherhood members into his cabinet. He fails to recognize the barbaric nature of Muslim jihadists and refuses to call them what they are today. In contrast he refuses to acknowledge that Christian genocide is active and growing by the day around the globe. Israel is in his crosshairs and he hates Benjamin Netanyahu because Obama is a true Muslim, a descendant of Ishmael the son of Abraham. Ishmael was not the promised son prophesied to Abraham, but rather Abraham’s human attempt to bring about a spiritual promise from God via Sarah’s slave Hagar. The handmaiden mother and slave born son were driven from Abraham’s camp at the behest of Sarah, God’s choice and maternal link to Isaac the child of promise. Obama’s hatred is so rooted to genetic ties to Israel’s oldest enemies and he is clueless of the depth. This spirit perpetuated hatred is proactive in Obama’s life, it is just second nature for him to operate in the realm of being a puppet to Satan. This embedded angst toward God and His chosen people is attempting to remove the Constitutionally protected rights of freedom of religion and forcing adherents of faith to violate their own consciences. Much more of the hidden “change” manifesting via the “Unbeliever-in-Chief”!

The racial discrimination and tension are so prevalent under Obama’s leadership that it has dragged us back to the 50’s and 60’s, pre-civil rights era. His bully pulpit preaching to us about how to better treat Muslims and accept Syrian refugees without back ground checks while Christians are being slaughtered worldwide by Muslim extremists is beyond comprehension. Total disregard for the lack of respect for authority figures in the black communities is due to the lack of paternal involvement of the dads. Black single teenage moms being left to raise children alone, (babies having babies), with no decent male partners to contribute finances, guidance or respect for any authority. Sex, drugs and rap music doing their dirty work to keep poverty alive regardless of the free housing, food stamps, medical coverage and cash benefits. No amount of money can train you to have good goals for work, education and contributing to society instead of expecting more for free. No one owes you anything and people should be expected to at least attempt to earn a fair living instead of living like a leach on tax payer funding.

This country is being subjected to an extreme make over by a radical extremist in the Oval Office. The military has been castrated and defunded to the point of loosing respect as the super power we once were in this world. Our top brass have been forced into early retirement or fired for disagreeing with the “Commander-in-Chief” a titled that should be earned via blood and sweat. POTUS refuses to read the daily intelligence briefings and has altered the rules of engagement to tie the hands of our soldiers. The silver tongued orator thinks his ideological version of diplomacy can tame the wildest of barbarians, his brother Muslims. His strategy to defeat ISIS has no backbone or boots on the ground to ever succeed. No country fears us now because of the leading from behind policy of Obama, drawing a red line in the sand and watching it being crossed in short order, making nuclear deals with terrorist nation of Iran, inviting foreigners into our country illegally and giving them government subsidies and American jobs. Our liberties are being stripped while Obama uses his pen and phone to change our laws. He is violating the oath of office, disobeying the Constitution, and illegally replacing laws via executive orders. This country is a grim reflection of its most powerful days and we are unprotected against ISIS the JV team.

I am disappointed that the first black president has been a failed representation of other deserving black leaders. He has put illegal immigrants before his own black people and failed them miserably, they should have pride in their first president but he doesn’t deserve their loyalty to skin color. He is “Liar of the year 2013” what a shameful title brought about by his false promises concerning Obamacare. He will go down in history as being a divisive president who usurped his authority to force his ideology down our throats. He has vacationed more, played more rounds of golf, kissed Hollywood butts, appeared on more late night TV shows, fund raised when ISIS decapitated a US journalist, tangoed in Argentina while Brussels was attacked, watched a baseball game with Fidel Castro who is an avowed communist dictator. He has brought shame to the Oval Office more so than Richard Nixon and a multitude more scandalous, Fast & Furious gun running operation, Benghazi Libya consulate attack leaving 4 dead Americans, IRS targeting Republican groups, Iran getting $150B returned and nuclear proliferation continued with less sanctions in place, global warming #1 threat to USA, etc. The Narcissist-in-Chief has succeeded in his make over to the degree that we allow it all to remain in place, or the next Republican President can dismantle all of the damaged executive orders and reshape his legacy to resemble the trash heap it really was!


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