Black and blue means bruised.

The term black and blue always represented a bruising of the flesh from an injury sustained. Swelling and pain accompanied the injury and also sensitivity to touch. I became familiar with the pain and suffering from a young age as most kids usually do. Bumps and bruises are a part of the aging process in life.

However the term black and blue has taken on a new meaning today that signifies the tensions between black American males and the blue uniforms of the policemen protecting our citizens. With the recent deaths of black males by the hands of white police officers in some of the major cities the black communities have protested and even rioted in retaliation. “Black lives matter” is the rallying cry with the protests being condoned by Obama, Holder and Sharpton. “Kill cops” has been a slogan added to the ire with assassinations of police being linked to the turbulence in short order. Two officers in NYC assassinated in their cruiser while parked. The killer calling attention to what he was about to do having crossed state lines via a bus to fulfill his vengeful desire. The blood of these two men in blue is linked to the highest offices in the land for not squelching the mob mentality as prominent leaders should be doing.

Black leaders throw gasoline on the fires of rhetoric when they fail to debate the root cause for the tension against the police. The black dads of the country are either dead by the hands of other blacks or incarcerated for breaking the law. These dads never learned to respect and obey authority because most of them never knew their dad or learned any basic lessons about personal conduct. It is impossible for a young mom to fill the role of the missing dad. These young moms need the support of the biological dads in more ways than one. With no marriage in place no commitment prevails. To be honest most impregnated young girls are left behind while the young male sows his wild oats and often impregnating another vulnerable teen girl. No commitment to marry, no commitment to remain in relationship, no commitment to provide child support, no commitment to train the child, no commitment to even visit occasionally, left to fend for oneself doing whatever they desire. With no male authority figure to teach them proper conduct they resent being corrected by any male. The teachers and sport coaches do whatever they can to steer the misguided kids. The police and judges also become correctional agents in the kids lives because dad is absent from their lives. The lack of discipline usually leads to prison time where the prison guards and wardens are the final authorities in their rebellious lives.

The influence of sex, drugs and some crude rap lyrics establish strong holds that lead to lawlessness and criminal behavior. There is no respect for anyone especially authority figures. Government has provided untold millions of tax payer’s dollars to help minorities to escape poverty. Failure has been the norm for decades so something more beneficial than money must be implemented for success to be achieved. Education is guaranteed to any minority who wants to apply themself in gaining a college degree. So if free programs and free education are not producing needed changes, what is the reason for continued failure? Political affiliation is not the reason although the leftists frequently cast blame on the right to create discontent for Republicans. Refusing to fund programs that have not produced positive results does not mean Republicans abhor the impoverished. If free programs have not succeeded after decades of funding something else needs to be tried. Trying to implement new programs that may succeed is better than quitting altogether. Change can foster solutions regardless of party affiliation. Democrats are not more compassionate toward the impoverished than their Republican colleagues.

Where did the “entitlement mentality” begin? What qualifies someone to receive free money, food and health care? Do you have to pay your fair share in taxes for “X” number of years first or are there exemptions to requirements for some people? What about minority quotas in the job search market? Who takes the back seat when the minorities have first consideration and maybe are less qualified for the prospective position? Fairness for some can be unfairness to others. Who gets the entitlements when the dust settles?

Black protesters in Baltimore want to see the six police officers behind bars. They say they want justice because of mistreatment from police and unfair profiling of blacks. They want us to think they are law abiding citizens being harassed for their skin color alone. Most interactions with police stem from gangs hanging out in public places of business and police trying to break up the crowd. These teens think they can congregate anywhere they choose regardless of city ordinances. They get insulted when asked to leave and some are noncompliant. Disobeying officers requests escalates into attempts at arrest with some resisting arrests. Tasers come out and maybe weapons are drawn and conflicts ensue. What would happen if the teens respected and obeyed police and used self-restraint instead of being oppositional and defiant? What if they remembered being taught to respect and obey authority, and decided to comply with requests? So whose fault is it for having a chip on their shoulder about blue uniforms, those protecting them from the real criminals or maybe the derelict dads dead or imprisoned? Black and blue has become a blemish on society that can be healed through male intervention. Thank God for those who risk their lives daily, the police make the color blue look good!


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