Fact or fantasy?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has governed the state of Israel for 3 terms and was recently reelected to his 4th term. He has lived under attack from the Palestinians and Hamas firing missiles into Israeli settlements for years. The attacks have also been staged from below ground via extensive tunnel systems. The Palestinian terrorists would pop up through exit points hidden from plain sight and wreak havoc attacking innocent Israelis. Suicide bombers desiring martyrdom have shocked the Israeli public with their heinous acts of violence including at wedding receptions! When you live with the constant threat of attack, assassination, abduction you are always aware of your surroundings and who is sneaking up on you. You study your enemy to perfect your level of providing security for your citizens. You plan offensive maneuvers and tactics to prevail in battles. You become smarter than your opponent and better supplied to defeat him with minimal effort whenever possible. The threat of terrorist attacks prepares you and forges your desire to survive no matter what comes at you. You learn the skills of survival and then develop the will to protect your citizens, something Obama has yet to learn.

President Obama had a promiscuous adolescent life experimenting with drugs and sex. His college education was hand picked by those who were interested in changing the character of this nation. Whether socialists or Muslims or a combination of both people were invested in his future as a politician. Being a narcissist it was easy for Obama to focus on himself and to implement some of the radical ideas of Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and of course his African Muslim father. Obama hated the colonization of the African continent by the white invaders from the United Kingdom. Obama was even ashamed to be recognized as having a Caucasian maternal parent. Because of his mulatto ethnicity he pretended to be adept at bridging the divide between the black race and the white race. This proved to only be another trump card Obama used to fortify his bid for the Office of the President. This trump card parallels the promises of “If you like your insurance plan you can keep it.” Or this one “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” For these false promises Obama earned the title “2013 Liar of the year”! A pathological liar will never tell the truth so therefore can never convince people to believe him.

Now if Benjamin Netanyahu exposes the secretive development of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure the facts must be true. Israeli  Mussad infiltrate their enemies ranks and learn the covert activities with great detail. Satellite surveillance peers inside the mideast borders of their friends as well as the enemies of Israel. Iran’s major construction sites for nuclear development were located through intelligence gathering. The coordinates for these sites are programmed into the Israeli missile systems. The Israeli Air Force is the best in the mideast and they have destroyed reactor sites in the past flying undetected below radar. Israel will defend their right to exist as a sovereign state even if that means eliminating the source of that threat, that being the reactor sites. They will also act unilaterally because Obama has abandoned Israel with the latest Iranian nuclear deal or cave in as some have called it. When will Iran provoke Israel? When they have the nukes in hand and that will be sooner rather than later.

Obama believes he can persuade Muslim extremists to give up their ideology toward Israel’s annihilation and discontinue their development of nuclear weapons. Obama refuses to confer with military Generals, reads only 35% of his intel updates, has fired hundreds of the top brass for disagreeing with his logic. He thinks he can strategize military endeavors better than the seasoned veterans, such a narcissist! His history of being a community organizer and a professor of Constitutional Law does not hold a candle to the War College graduates with decades of wartime planning! Obama thinks he is smarter and better than anyone else so no one can convince him otherwise. Compared to some experts Obama doesn’t cut the mustard especially when it comes to protecting US citizens. Obama lives in a fantasy mentality while Netanyahu lives in the fact based reality of the modern Islamic Jihadists realm. Netanyahu is a well seasoned head of state garnering the respect of most Americans. Obama’s only admirers are the Muslim extremists who have recently called him their “brother” after sidelining Israel over the Iranian nuclear deal. I would rather live by the facts good or bad compared to the fantasy world of never never land.


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