What difference at this point does it make?

The real difference is between the truth and your lies! Cover ups are a natural way of life for Hillary Clinton. When she was assisting the law firm targeting President Richard Nixon Hillary was fired for lying. What a dishonest start in her long trail of distrust and scandals. Here is what was stated about that incident: Jerry Zeifman, the general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee who supervised Clinton’s work on the Watergate investigation in 1974 told a columnist he fired Clinton because she was a liar. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer,” Zeifman said. “She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” What a wonderful start to a long political career!

10 Scandals Involving Hillary Clinton You May Have Forgotten

By Brad Fox | March 10, 2015 11:45am ET

Hillary Clinton has been involved in scandals before. Here are some notable ones you may have forgotten.

Chinagate – The Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 allegedly took bribes from Chinese banks and their government to help their dwindling poll numbers. The Chinese embassy in D.C. helped siphon funds into the DNC. Secretary of Commerce Rob Brown (who was killed in a plane crash), at Hillary’s instruction reportedly sold seats on department trade missions to China. Joint congressional hearings were canceled after Democrats threatened to bring up Republican campaign issues and then Monica Lewinsky actually saved this scandal from media attention. 

Travelgate Scandal – Catherine Cornelius, a 25-year-old cousin of Bill’s was allegedly promised the position of director of the travel office. Hillary Clinton then (indirectly) fired seven employees from the United States travel office and replaced them with associates from Arkansas. Records were either nowhere to be found or incorrectly filed. And, there’s a reported attempt to give a White House airline contract to friend. “A memorandum by a former Presidential aide depicts Hillary Rodham Clinton as the central figure in the 1993 travel office dismissals, a politically damaging episode that the aide said had resulted from a climate of fear in which officials did not dare question Mrs. Clinton’s wishes, wrote the NYT in 1996.”

Whitewater Scandal – Hillary and her husband were partners in a shady real estate development firm called Whitewater Development Corp in Arkansas. Accusations of impropriety against the Clintons and others soon surfaced, regarding improper campaign contributions, political and financial favors, and tax benefits. Clinton’s friends and majority owners,  James and Susan McDougal were jailed for fraud, Clinton’s successor, Governor Jim Tucker, was jailed for fraud along with municipal judges David Hale and Eugene Fitzhugh who worked with James McDougal. The Clintons walked away unscathed, having apparently done nothing wrong.
See Whitewater Timeline.

Vince Foster Jr. Mystery – Questions cloud the suicide of Vince Foster, former colleague, friend, and White House aid  of Hillary’s who had connections to Travelgate, and the Whitewater scandals. Read the link above embedded above entitled “The Man Who Knew too Much. . .” 

Filegate Scandal – Craig Livingstone, director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security “improperly” accessed FBI files on several hundred individuals.
Mrs. Clinton called it a, “completely honest bureaucratic snafu.” Many of these files were on people from previous Republican administrations. Hillary Clinton hired Livingston and is alleged to have looked at the files and requested this move. She was accused by Republicans of violating privacy rights of individuals she viewed as political adversaries.

Cattle-Futures Miracle – Hillary’s first commodity trade was in cattle futures where she ordered 10 futures contracts which normally cost $12,000 dollars with only $1,000 dollars in her account. This turned into $6,300 dollars by the next morning and after 10 months totaled $100,000, with trading help from James B. Blair. “Blair, who at the time was outside counsel to Tyson Foods Inc., Arkansas’ largest employer, says he was advising Clinton out of friendship, not to seek political gain. . .”  reports The WashingtonPost. Robert L. “Red” Bone ran the Springdale, AK financial services company REFCO allowed the trades and later, after investigation, had to pay the largest fine at the time in the exchanges history and was suspended for three years. Hillary Clinton said she was able to make the successful trading because she read the Wall Street Journal for research.

Lootergate – Bill and especially Hillary started to ship White House furniture to their personal home in Chappaqua, N.Y.. The Clintons claimed they were donated, but at only some were proven to be donated and meant to stay in the White House after contacting the manufacturers. The Clintons returned some of the furniture after pressure was put on them to do so. “GOP lawmakers and others criticized Hillary Rodham Clinton in particular for accepting many presents just before she joined the Senate and became covered by strict ethics rules that prohibit accepting gifts worth more than $50.”

Drug Dealer Donor Scandal – Convicted drug trafficker Jorge Cabrera apparently made such a big donation to the Clinton’s campaign that he was invited to the White house without Secret Service present.

Ponzi Scheme and Political Favor Scandal – Norman Yung Yuen Hsu was a convicted pyramid investment promoter, and major Democratic donor. He contributed an undisclosed amount to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. “He was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison in 2009 by a judge who accused him of funding his fraud by manipulating the political process in a way that ‘strikes at the very core of our democracy.”

Benghazi – Just watch this

Here is an article posted in the New York Times in 1996 entitled “Blizzard of Lies” about Hillary Clinton.
For a larger list of scandals associated with the Clintons, check out The Clinton Crime Library

Dick Morris former President Bill Clinton advisor on March 10, 2015 wrote:
Mrs. Clinton’s statement at the United Nations was vintage Hillary. She was self-righteous, secretive, arrogant, angry, stubborn, legalistic and unconvincing in her replies. But underscoring her comments is the fact that her entire defense rests one implausible premise: that she can be trusted.
• She won’t allow an examination of her server. We have to trust her that none of the emails concerned classified material.
• She wouldn’t consider allowing an outsider to review the emails and decide if the correct ones had been turned over?
• She would not tell who made the decision on which emails to turn over to the State Department.
• She revealed that she destroyed half of the emails, the ones she, not an impartial reviewer, considered not related to official business.

Normally, this strategy of concealment and delay would be effective as it has proven to be in all past Clinton scandals. Our patience with the questions and the prosecutor will become frayed and we will move on and forget it ever happened. But this scandal has a time limit, unlike all her others. If it is not resolved until after the summer, we will not simply wait longer. The Democrats will demand that there be an understudy to Hillary. Facing the possibility that the emails, when fully disclosed and the server, when subpoenaed, will prove incriminating is too dangerous a gamble to play during a presidential election. The Democrats will demand certainty and only have confidence in her candidacy if she has met that standard. Otherwise, the pressure to put Elizabeth Warren, at least, on the ballot to be an alternative if needed will mount. Hillary’s contention is that she did comply with the State Department regulations because the recipients of the emails kept their correspondence on government servers. This contention belies the fact that in so doing, she made it almost impossible to discover what was in the emails. What was a Congressional committee to do? Subpoena every government employee to determine if they received any of Hillary’s emails?
Previously, Hillary’s office had indicated that 90% of the emails were sent to State Department employees in whose systems they are presumably stored. But what about the other 10%. If they were sent to non-State Department employees or even foreigners, there would be no record.

Nor was her answer that she was motivated by convenience to consolidate all her personal emails with those which concern public business at all credible. But it is very simple to maintain two email accounts in one device. No extra space in her pocketbook needed. Was this performance designed to make us trust her? Is there anyone in the United States that believes that she, alone among the Cabinet, chose to email on a private server because she didn’t want to carry around two devices? She who travels with aides on special planes and rarely carries her own luggage or even her large designer purses? Who would not harbor suspicions that convenience was not her priority and that secrecy was. How will this affair play out? The State Department will turn over the selected emails to Congressman Trey Gowdy’s committee. He will find that many of those that have been deleted were relevant and should have been produced. A push pull will ensue and, eventually, we will see all the emails and Hillary will take an enormous hit. And, if Warren isn’t on the ballot, so will the entire Democratic Party. Do we really want to give Hillary a legitimate opportunity to run for President when she will faithfully follow in Obama’s scandalous scorched earth policy of transformation? Don’t disregard the facts as was done with Obama!


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