Usurping Authority

Usurping of authority started when Lucifer the Archangel in charge of praise and worship in the presence of the Almighty Creator of the Universe decided to establish his seat of authority above that of God’s. Lucifer had the ability to emote music from his being and was lavishly dressed with gemstones glistening reflective light from the presence of the Almighty One. Because of his extremely unique beauty and Philharmonic creativity he allowed pride to take root and flourish. What was intended to be used as an offering of praise before God was now at work destroying his angelic demeanor as a servant of God to become the enemy of God. Personal choice was the gift of the Creator to the created beings angels and people alike. Lucifer chose to snub his Creator and attempt to ascend higher than God in power and respect. He also convinced one third of all angels in heaven to align themselves with him so he ultimately convinced these angels that he was capable of this insurrection. To their surprise their destiny was changed in the blink of an eye being cast out of heaven headed earthbound. Now new residents of the planet earth they quickly realized they had to embody a living being in order to function on earth. In a sense they were aliens on a physical earth from a spiritual heaven. They were not tangibly equipped with the earth suit needed to survive on earth. This was the beginning of demonic possession that would continue until Christ’s second appearance on earth to claim his bride the church.

The questioning of God’s authority was next presented to Eve the first woman created from one of Adam’s ribs to be his wife and mother to all humanity. The serpent embodied by Satan caused Eve to doubt God and to desire to live forever if she ate the apple that God had forbidden to eat. Eve succumbed to the temptation and then offered Adam to partake of the forbidden fruit. Adam in turn succumbs and Satan wins the battle to separate God from his earthly creation Adam and Eve. When God confronts the couple during His daily walk with them in the Garden of Eden Adam blames the woman God gave him and Eve blames the serpent who tempted her. This being the incident which started the blame game which is still happening today. God cannot abide in the presence of sin so He had to separate Himself from his crown creation which He made in His image and likeness two spiritual beings who had a soul and physical body. God told Adam that he would have to work the earth by the sweat of his brow to produce food to survive. God told Eve that she would experience pain in giving birth. God told Satan that He would conquer him through the seed of the woman. Satan would bruise the heel of the Messiah but the Messiah would triumph over him. This was a prophecy of the crucifixion of Christ restoring God’s relationship to now fallen man.

Esau the first born twin of Isaac and Rebekah was to inherit the blessing of the first born by birthright customs. Jacob who was holding Esau’s heel during the delivery process was second born with no birthright guarantee to the patriarchal future blessing. Esau was a very hairy man while brother Jacob lacked that characteristic. When Isaac was old and nearly blind and deaf Jacob put goat skins on his arms and pretended to be his brother Esau. He went before his father to acquire the birthright blessing of his brother. Jacob succeeded in tricking his father into believing that he was Esau and when Esau returned from hunting the blessing had already been given to the usurper Jacob. Isaac was startled that he had been tricked into blessing the wrong son but said it is what it is and I cannot undo what has been done. The usurper got away with stealing the birthright blessing belonging to his older brother Esau. Usurpers continue to get away with stealing authority that doesn’t belong to them and unfortunately there isn’t much one can do to reverse things.

Fast track through the centuries to this 21st century and you will see that old habits thrive especially in the United States of America. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was informed of Ethics and Protocols when she first assumed the responsibilities of the highest State Department official. She was expected to use a government issued BlackBerry phone and an official “.gov” email address in order to archive all correspondence as it was flowing through the digital universe. Because of “convenience” Hillary chose to use her own private server and personal BlackBerry thereby bypassing the Federal Archives altogether and making it almost impossible for anyone to review any correspondence relative to her position as Secretary of State. The government has firewalls that exceed commercial firewalls in ability to prevent hackers and to preserve digital data. Hillary on the other hand has “stonewalling” which provides tighter security for her! Hillary took 2 additional years to start the document transfer even when outgoing government workers are required to sign an exit document that states all correspondence has already been delivered for archiving purposes. Hillary initially delivered reams of paper copies of her correspondence just to say she was complying to the request for documents. She was just stalling the calendar to buy more time needed to delete her digital choices of “personal” emails.  Hillary said she deleted 30,000 personal emails that she decided she no longer needed. Hillary took the liberty to redact names and email addresses which she felt should remain private. Hillary also said that none of her emails were “classified” and that she met all requirements for document storage. Hillary has also stated that her server is private property and no one will be doing a forensic investigation on it. So if this is not usurping authority then I will have to turn my head like so many of her followers do to protect her. It is not up to Hillary to choose which emails are personal, work related, classified, top secret, what gets redacted, who will perform forensic investigation to see what got deleted. The Bengahzi scandal investigation produced the non-governmental email address for Hillary. What about the weekend Bengahzi document purging party in the basement of her office building to distance her from the 9/11/2012 deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three more US citizens? Hillary is using her position as a former head of state to minimize the efforts of Representative Trey Gowdy’s Bengahzi select committee investigation. What about the Clinton Foundation contributors from foreign governments, is this a conflict of interest? The travel manifests subpoenaed recently will show which foreign dignitaries may have benefited via travelling with Hillary around the world.

Now let me focus on the $65,000 question. How has Obama managed to avoid requirements to prove US citizenship, educational funding of foreign students, birth certificate authenticity, Social Security card legitimacy, high jacking a senator’s seat and the highest office in the land? Who is in control of preventing the truth from being exposed? Who has the power to override the U.S. Constitution without any recourse? Whose money is funding the most egregious act against all Americans ever experienced? The buck does always stop somewhere! Whose money is buying the privilege to rewrite our laws, ignore the laws already on the books, turn our freedoms into a thing of the past, continue to foment the racial divide and ensure social inequality? Who is usurping authority without impunity? Who is calling right wrong? Who is crying racism and police brutality? Who is trumpeting political correctness? Who is fostering hate speech? Who is rekindling the “War against women”? Who doesn’t mind being called the Liar of the year 2013? Who is seated upon his high horse looking down on Colonialism and our Christian founding fathers? Who in their deepest thoughts is a Muslim while pretending to be a Christian? Who is the Usurper in Chief over our faltering nation? Who is empowering a foreign born mulatto who hates whites especially white Police officers? Who is the Grand Puma of usurpers empowering an illegal alien as Commander in Chief, I’ll bet it’s a wealthy Muslim interested in ruling the world, perhaps the anti-Christ?


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