Jerusalem God’s Centerpiece!

Jerusalem the great city where King David reigned and his son Solomon after him. The Holy City of God chosen for the Temple in which the presence of God abode behind the veil in the Holy of Holies. The tablet with the Ten Commandments enscribed by the finger of God himself, the Ark of the Covenant, Aaron’s staff that budded almond blossoms, the Mercy Seat of the Most High God. These one of a kind artifacts designed by the Creator were furnishings behind the veil. Visual reminders to the High Priest of the Omnipotent resident in the Temple. Incense burning, candles illuminated, the scent of roasting meat from sacrifices on a daily basis all paying homage to the God of Israel. The centerpiece of Jerusalem was the centerpiece of the relationship between God and His people Israel.

All of the land surrounding Jerusalem was given to the descendents of Abraham’s grandson Jacob whose name was changed to Israel by God. The Palestinians may have occupied the land in the absence of the Israelis but that does not mean it is now rightfully their real estate. By Divine Providence God has reestablished his chosen people in the land where He intended them to worship Him. The Holocaust was not a surprise for God and He preserved a remnant of His people to repopulate Jerusalem in 1948. In 1967 the Six Day War with Egypt, Syria and Jordan was victoriously concluded proving God was supporting His fledgling nation. Today Israel is viewed by the Muslim world as the little Satan while the United States is esteemed as the big Satan. Our two nations are the focus of global jihad or total destruction. We stand in the way of world dominance for the Muslims who are bent on establishing their Caliphate from which they plan to rule the world.

Obama was born into Islam and raised by a devout adherent to Islam, whose grandparents also Muslims, was steeped in the tenets of patriarchal superiority. Females are subserviant to males and can be executed to preserve family honor. Education is reserved for males and any girl persuing an education can be killed on the spot by the likes of the Taliban or any other Islamic radical. There is no prominent place of importance, respect or equality in the Muslim world for females.

Indonesia was Obama’s influential nation to call home in his early years. Christianity was an unknown belief system to young Barry. He favors Muslims today as he did in his formative years. He even penned his favoritism toward Muslims in his first book. As president of the USA he bowed in reverential homage to a Muslim King showing his submission to the King’s Muslim dominion as a worldly icon. Obama is sympathetic to the Palestinians at the cost of snubbing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama is aligning himself with the Iranian Mullahs because they want to nuke Israel ASAP. Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood enabler who employs these extremists in his cabinet. The ISIS jihadists said they will fly their black flag over the White House and Obama wants to debate ideology with these killers? Maybe Obama will hoist that flag of death over the White House if he doesn’t change his allegiance soon.

The Muslim dome in Jerusalem covers a rock where the prophet Muhammad supposedly stood attempting to claim that real estate for Allah. Well the deed to that real estate was still in the name of Israel by the hand of God. Hamas thinks they can fire missiles into Jerusalem to try to make the Israelis flee and tunnel their way below grade to pop up in the midst of the Israelis to ambush them. Obama wanted Netanyahu to roll back Israel’s borders to pre-1967 days because he sympathizes with the PLO, Palestinian Liberation Organization!

When the dust settles following the impending confrontations with Israel and the Middle East Muslims the Victor will be of God’s choosing. Let me remind you that God said whoever blesses Israel He will likewise bless, and whoever curses Israel He will likewise curse. Also remember what became of the Egyptians who had enslaved Israel for over 400 years, they were stricken with ten terrible plagues by the hand of Moses and the Egyptian soldiers were drowned in the midst of the Red Sea.

The likely inhabitants to remain in Jerusalem will be God’s chosen people Israel. Say what you will about the anticipated outcome but God’s city Jerusalem will regain it’s former glory as the apple of God’s eye! The near future rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple will follow the removal of the Domed Rock Memorial Site of the Muslims. However this comes about may be shrouded in an air of uncertainty but the indisputable truth is the Temple will surely be rebuilt at God’s discretion. A key indicator for the near time line is the reappearance of the breed of cattle which is red in color including the skin pigment. The watchful eyes of the world cattle ranchers have the Head Rabbi for the Jewish faith on speed dial to inspect any promising heifer to be used as the sacrificial red heifer to provide the ashes for the purification rites of the new Temple. The prophetic clock is running out!


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