Fundamental change at the cost of freedom.

The only promise Obama has kept to a tee is his “fundamentally changing America”. This promise convinced many to cast their vote for him in 2008. Many objected to his liberal ideology and his transcontinental apology tour to Muslim countries. Obama grew up hearing how criminal the British Empire was in setting up outposts all over the world. We can thank the Brits for spreading the English language worldwide by their adventurous spirit of discovery. However, the animosity Obama distilled into his psyche toward English speaking white people has seared his conscience forever. He was outspoken about distancing himself from his Caucasian mother when he was young because he did not want to associate with the white race. Not much has changed since his youth with the exception of implementing his fundamental take down of freedom granted via our national Constitution. His rise to the most powerful seat in this country was illegally contrived with his personal paper trail locked in a safe with a “No Trespassing” sign guarding it’s contents. A white man could never had pulled it off without the MSM excavating every piece of paper! His blackness provided the race card to shield him from criticism.

I believe Obama is enjoying his time in the world’s limelight attempting to convince every member of humanity that he can solve the world’s problems. He does have the silver tongue of an orator and comes across in a somewhat convincing manner until you actually analyse the content for accuracy. Ultimately the truth surfaces contrary to what was intended. Obama stopped glossing over the truth with his lies and earned the title 2013 Liar of the year. This coronation of all pathological liars has never adversely affected him or changed his proclivity to lie. He is also quick to blame his opponents for blocking bills in Congress while he voices threats to veto every bill he disagrees with, his infamous pen and phone threat. He has a bully pulpit from where he lobs his grenades at Christians, PM Netanyahu and Israel and tries to train us in his political correctness about Islamist terrorists, Muslim jihadists, the Koran, etc.

With six years of lies trailing him and positive proof of his pretending to be someone of importance, he has made a mockery of the Office of the President. More scandals in many departments that each deserve impeachment proceedings if considered independently. The military stripped of funding and top brass, combat readiness adversely effected and the ability to conduct battle in two theaters simultaneously cut in half. Once the envy of the world Obama has reduced our world status to an illegitimate extorter. He has painted us as a gang of thieves when we have fed the starving worldwide and financially aided in disaster relief for decades. We have rebuilt nations ravaged by wars. Obama is deliberately blind to the truth about our great nation because of his tainted upbringing in his paternal African Kenyan Islamic home. In 2008 the Kenyans were ripe with pride over their native son being elected president of the United States!

When you strip away freedom and liberty you basically enslave people. When you are sworn in to uphold the laws of the land and to fulfill the duties of the office your job as president is to protect the citizens especially from those sneaking across our borders. POTUS wants to give illegals free working papers, free health care, free food stamps, free education, free tax refunds for past three years even if you didn’t work a day in those years. Fundamental change for Obama is a 180 degrees opposite of what we have been as a country for a few centuries. Obama will give away any authority we possess over self governance to punish us for our forefathers lives. We are not Obama’s personal property to give away or to be subjected to his biased restrictions like gun control and amnesty. Obama’s fundamental change will not cost him anything but will cost everyone else everything!


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