The descendants of Abraham, via his wife Sarah’s hand maiden Hagar, and his firstborn son Ishmael are the Arabs of today. Among them are the Muslims, Islamists, Arabics, Bedouins, jihadists, terrorists, Mohammed and Barack Hussein Obama. Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden both deceased were also among the descendants of Ishmael. 
Because of jealousy Ishmael learned to hate his younger half brother Isaac by 13 years. Ishmael felt rejected by his father Abraham for ousting him from his camp because Sarah was angry with being mocked by him for her late life childbirth. Ishmael went from having constant care and paternal attention from Abraham to sojourning alone in the desert land with his mother Hagar. Rejection breeds anger and jealousy and hardens the heart toward the one who is the object of the scorn. Contempt toward someone can be passed down from generation to generation via the criticizing comments voiced to the captive audience (their children).

Why does Obama hate Netanyahu? Obama hates Netanyahu because he is a descendant of Isaac the chosen one of God. The hatred is inherent in the descendants of the ousted one Ishmael. The chosen one would be the progenitor of the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God. This was indeed a special blessing reserved for the one God had chosen to fulfill that role. 12 years after Abraham had heard the prophecy of him becoming the father of many nations he thought God needed his help to fulfill that promise. So Sarah offers her hand maiden Hagar as a surrogate mother to assist in the process. Abraham may have been eager to procreate with this much younger woman especially if Sarah was willing to allow it. This is the perfect example of man interfering with God’s plans and sinning to bring it about. So Isaac was born 12 years after Ishmael which was 25 years after God gave the promise to Abraham. He was 100 years old and his wife Sarah was 90 years old when she gave birth to Isaac. There was much celebrating in Abraham’s camp, I wonder if Hagar joined in the celebrating or if she became jealous instead.

Obama is more Pro-Muslim than Pro-Christian, no one can dispute this assessment. He cannot even call the jihadists Islamic terrorists because he will not defame his Allah. The Crusaders were finally going after the Muslims who were killing everyone they met who were of differing faiths. This was a war of revenge against the perpetrators of genocide. Obama has seated himself upon a high horse and is marching against this nation. Obama is the accuser of the brethren as mentioned in the book of Revelation. There are many more similarities with Obama including his name in the Hebrew language and the numerical equivalent of his names aligning with the number of a man, that being the number 666.

Obama has prevented his public documents from being viewed, violating proof of citizenship laws. He and Michelle both have illegal Social Security numbers. His original birth certificate was digitally altered and Sheriff Joe from Maricopa County in Arizona has the proof of forgery. The only person on the planet who could testify that Obama was not born in Hawaii was killed in a plane crash before she could tell the truth about his cover up. His rise to power has been out of a science fiction book at every stage. He could be the pawn of Satan or the Anti-Christ himself as many are espousing.

Obama promised he would fundamentally change the United States of America and he is doing so to the dismay and disapproval of most of the citizens. He has a Socialist Marxist plan to replace our freedoms and Constitution. He disobeys the oath of the Office of the President and the Laws of governance. He writes executive orders without conferring with the Congressional members. He is derelict of duty and needs to be prosecuted for the many violations of our laws. He is the 2013 Liar of the year! He has his pen and his phone, hopefully for not much longer! He is a racial divider and anti-law enforcement proponent. He confers with the tax evader Reverend Al Sharpton and the anti-American Bill Ayers. He worships Saul Alinsky and is implementing his plans to take down this country. He favors illegals over his own black race because he can add millions more to the Democratic Party rosters offering all the benefits of Uncle Sam subsidized by the American taxpayers.

Obama’s campaign logo was the sun rising from the west over the stripes of our flag. This Islamic symbol signifies to their followers that they will be supported in the west and by the west. No longer will they have to invade our western country but now be invited to come and allowed to work inside our government. Our Judeo Christian heritage is being dismantled and reconstructed by the hand of the Muslim Obama. Satan is orchestrating this usurping of authority and his puppet POTUS is following his lead. Obama will not relinquish his position as POTUS because the plan will continue to evolve beyond 2016. The only good news is we know who wins in the end, the most hated one of all Muslims, the Savior of all the world, Jesus Christ the son of the eternal God. Even so come Lord Jesus!


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