Islamic terrorists, Muslim jihadists or armed insurgents?

Barbaric murderers, evil ideologists, Sharia lunatics, blood thirsty executioners, they are all linked to the destruction of innocent life. They proclaim their devotion to their god Allah and his false prophet Mohammed. They lust over the opportunity to kill in his name thereby earning 70 virgins in their unholy heavenly harem. Allah the God of death and destruction who needs his followers to avenge his honor because he is incapable of righteous honor. Stone their women when they bring dishonor to the males, including rape victims! Disallow education for girls because males fear females becoming smarter than themselves. Senseless cowards depending on Imams to preach their vitriole across the world in an effort to overtake all countries to establish their much sought caliphate. They will kill all infidels who oppose their distorted religion. They instill fear as a tactic to paralyze their opponents while masking their faces in fear of being recognized and confronted for their sadistic behavior, how courageous!

Only ignorant people can’t see that these Islamic proselytizing extremists only want total allegiance to their imagined god or you will pay with your life. Convert the whole earth populous or kill them for refusing. Total domination and nothing less is their perverted goal. Allah will bless all of their religious kills with virgins beyond belief! You have to be a sexual deviant, male chauvinist plus a serial killer in order to fit into their mid-eastern cult.

Now Obama was raised as a Muslim because his biological father was a Muslim. He is not a Christian as he has stated even though he sat under the tutelage of the Reverend Wright in Chicago. Obama sports a gold ring of Islamic importance with the inscription “There is no other God but Allah”. Wright is an eccentric and espouses that the chickens came home to roost when the NYC Twin Towers were destroyed by Islamic jihadists on September 11, 2001. We got what we deserved according to the Reverend. Obama never chastised the Reverend, his pastor for his outrageous proclamation because he was accustomed to hearing that twisted rhetoric from the pulpit. Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers were his mentors and shaped his community organizer affinity which became Obama’s only claim to managing anything unrelated to any business endeavor. Obama elevated the role of the community organizer far beyond any credence due the position. He portrayed the role as if it was one of extreme importance as a prerequisite to becoming president of the United States. Trivial and grossly insignificant compared to other recent contenders for the Oval Office.

The silver tongued orator believes he can convince anyone to believe his rhetoric. Muslim jihadists are included in the crowd he is trying to persuade that he has all the answers for the world’s problems. Although he doesn’t mention this he believes that he understands the Islamic way of life since he was born into that religion. He thinks all Muslims will esteem him for being one of theirs but they actually hate him and have recently stated that they want to cut his head off in the White House and turn our nation into an Islamic state. He refuses to change his mind toward his jihadist brothers. He better be watching his back since he has some Muslim Brotherhood members within his cabinet, they may be the chosen executioners unknown to him.

To be politically correct POTUS has edited the English language to diminish the importance of such words as terrorist, Islamic jihadists, radical Muslims, etc. Obama would rather say armed insurgents or say the Taliban are not a terrorist group but merely armed insurgents. His goal is to pander to his Islamic brotherhood and protect them as they advance their objective of world dominance. He released 5 Taliban generals from Gauntanamo Bay Cuba to secure Bow Bergdahl’s release without consulting with Congress. A traitor to our military forces who could easily be exonerated by POTUS. Bergdahl defected to the Taliban in Afganistan and remained in their custody for 5 years and learned their language to reveal US military intel. Many of our military soldiers were killed while scouting the area for his return to camp. Now Obama wants to count his 5 years of captivity as time served toward his sentence.

Obama is afraid of naming the enemy of our country so he makes it difficult to confront them. We cannot engage in warfare until we acknowledge who our enemy actually is. He wants to remain neutral instead of calling out the enemy because he is one of them. We the people know who he is and whose side he is on so he needs to beware of the unintended consequences he will bring upon himself. He has hijacked the office of the Senator of Illinois and also the office of the President the United States of America. Obama cannot avoid the penalty for cursing Israel and usurping the citizenship of the United States of America! We the people are regrouping now to affect a positive change, wish us Godspeed!


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