White police retraining vs. black disrespect.

13% of the U.S. population is black while 72% are white. Blacks commit twice as many crimes as whites which simply means that the police interact with black criminals more often than with white criminals. Blacks kill 93% of the blacks murdered in this country. Black males rape more white women compared to white males raping black women. With so much criminal activity, rapes, drug usage and murders perpetrated by blacks in this country it is easy to see who are making police officers jobs more difficult.

It is also quite easy to see why police officers are suspicious of groups or gangs of blacks congregating in public areas especially the areas that already have a history of violence. Police are well trained to protect and to serve the public and should be respected for providing protection to all regardless of ethnicity. Police risk their lives daily to watch over society and only those brave enough to perform the duties of a peace officer continue in that calling. Police officers run toward danger while the rest of us retreat to a safer place.

In light of the recent incidents involving loss of life to black males via white police officers in Ferguson MO and Staten Island NY there has been an abundance of criticism toward police officers nationwide especially major cities. President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Revered Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson have all stirred the pot of racial divide during the Grand Jury Hearings. They have taken sides with the black victims in spite of the Grand Jury decisions to not indict the white officers for fatally shooting and choke holding the black suspects. The aftermath of the Grand Jury findings brought support from the top four black men in this country to protest against police brutality nationwide. The Reverend Al Sharpton a NYC resident from Harlem organized a march on Washington D.C. to protest against law enforcement and the need for retraining officers on how to interact with the poor black communities. President Obama did not object to the march in his city of residence because he agrees with Sharpton. Birds of a feather flock together!

Well what about discussing the root problem in poor black communities? The problem is a lack of respect for authority engrained in black children, teens and adults included. The common denominator happens to be the absentee fathers in the black family unit. Black teenage girls get pregnant and the low percentage of those who choose life over abortion give birth while the biological dad is out whoring around impregnating more vulnerable girls. The new moms and newborns are enrolled in public welfare and the social service department rarely get any child support orders for the derelict dads.

The fatherless kids grow up never learning to interact with both parents at home. Off they go to school lacking the obedience for authority figures. Teachers are filling the role of disciplinary provider absent from home life. This inability to comply willingly is experienced by law enforcement and the judicial system. The state penitentaries take up the gauntlet avoided by the derelict dads and administer disciplinary actions that should have been present when inmates were toddlers. The derelict dads could have avoided their incarceration if they were responsible dads when they biologically fathered their children. Interesting how those exempt from fatherly discipline grew up to father kids who they neglected to parent resulting in incarceration due to noncompliance with authority, and the beat goes on! So the real problem continues to be the absentee fathers in the black communities.

Why isn’t this black community problem being discussed at the top where true leadership should be emanating instead of shifting the blame on white people in general and white police in particular? Well it is easier to deceive the public with Obama’s condoning protests against police brutality which keeps the pot of racial divide swirling around while Obama attends to his dismantling of our democracy. Obama is good at being an opportunist to further his twisted agenda when the smoke screen is neatly positioned. Keeping the public focused or better yet distracted on an insignificant detail is part of Obama’s dark side.

Why is Reverend Al Sharpton silent after a black police officer shoots an unarmed white man? The parameters appear to duplicate the previous police take down of the black teen in Ferguson MO so where is your genuine concern for the victim Reverend Al? Oh I forgot about your situational ethics policy that drives your actions. You do inject yourself into any situation where you smell money to be extorted. But you also are not welcome at some of your own people’s family funerals because you are an embarrassment to them. They know you use the respectful title of Reverend and a Baptist Minister at that to masquerade as a genuine righteous civil rights activist. Instead your propensity for extorting unearned money from predominantly white owned businesses is reprehensible. 25 years of conning people and pretending to care for the helpless blacks is a scandalous legacy. You now have an audience with POTUS where you should be reaching back to your seminary days to choose God’s words wisely to make the best impact on a misguided leader of the free world. Yet you plot and plan the demise of this Christian nation with the self proclaimed Muslim sympathizer Barack, shame on you!

So what do you think the topic should be “Retraining white police or teaching respect to blacks”? I strongly recommend the latter!


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