“Hands up, Don’t shoot!” ….. truth vs. lies.

Smoke some weed with my black brother then go to local convenience store for some cigarillos so we can roll more blunts. I’m gonna take a carton because I don’t have any money so I’ll just steal the whole carton. This clerk can’t stop me from walking out just let him try and I’ll hurt him bad. You think you gonna stop me little man you got another thing coming. I’m outta here and next time you try something stupid it’ll be the last time you try dying. Do you believe that little man tryin to stop me I’m twice his size. Hey bro here comes the police I hope he don’t harass us cuz I’m in no mood I’m loosing my buzz from back at the store.

You can’t make me get out da street, I ain’t botherin nobody. I just bought these cigarillos and I ain’t taking no sh*t from you about it. Get back in the car you f***ing pig before I hurt you. What you think you gonna shoot me, you’re a pussy you won’t shoot me. Bam, bam, bam again to the face and eye and gimme your gun now cuz I’m gonna shoot yo ass! Bang, bang and my hand is burning and bleeding, I better get out of here. That f***ing white cop just shot me. What you want me to stop runnin, I’ll run your ass down just watch me do it. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and I’m fallin to the ground and everything looks dark to me. Damn it’s over now and I can’t go back, I’m loosing my blood, I’m dyin over stolen cigarillos.

This is just a faint possibility of what might have been going on in the mind of 18 year old Michael Brown from Ferguson MO. on August 9, 2014 just prior to his fatal end of life in a troubled community. Those who knew him said he was a good kid and even a gentle giant who stood 6’4″ tall and weighed over 300 pounds. His mom refused to believe that Michael would steal anything and certainly not hurt anyone. Some witnesses said he was gunned down while running away from Officer Wilson. Others said Michael was kneeling down facing Officer Wilson with hands raised above his head surrendering while being shot at by the officer. Some said Michael was saying “My hands up, don’t shoot!” Most of the spectators believe they witnessed police brutality from a white cop toward a black teen.

Now the video surveillance footage showed Michael strong arming the convenience store clerk when he tried to stop the theft in progress. The toxicology report showed traces of THC from recent marijuana smoking. The 3 forensic reports show gun powder residue on Michael’s hand consistent with being beside the gun when fired twice in the vehicle cab. The bullet entry wounds were all from a frontal direction and the skull shot was on top from Michael being in a tackle position when bullet entered.

The evidence states Michael stole merchandise and roughed up the store clerk. Michael was asked to get out of the street and cussed the officer refusing to obey directive. When Officer Wilson stopped vehicle and opened door to exit Michael slammed the door shut and reached into vehicle and punched the officer 3 times and broke his eye socket in the process. Michael taunted Officer Wilson by saying you won’t shoot me cuz your a pussy! Michael grabbed for the holstered weapon and Officer Wilson took control of the fire arm discharging it twice during the struggle. Forensics show 2 bullet holes in the vehicle door and blood from penetrating Michael’s hand. The body wounds were all made while Michael was facing Officer Wilson and charging back at him to tackle him, not from behind as stated by several witnesses.

The Grand Jury heard the testimony from over 60 people, some proved to be liars, others testimony aligned with Officer Wilson, some of those witnesses were even black citizens. Officer Wilson said he believed that if he was struck again he would be over powered or even killed. The forensic evidence and the testimony of those who decided to tell the truth regardless of any potential threats or backlash was sufficient enough to forego an indictment against Officer Wilson. Now the residents who disagreed with the Grand Jury decision were ready to organize a lynch mob and hang the cleared officer. Obama, Holder and Sharpton have all escalated the problem of protesting turning to rioting. The Governor did not allow the National Guard units to protect commercial properties on the night that the decision was made public. He allowed 12 businesses to be trashed and burned because Obama wanted units to stand down. Obama wanted this incident to spill over nationwide and it did as he had hoped. NAACP organized a march from Ferguson to Jefferson City 120 miles to protest white police brutality. Racist bigots from the top down inciting riots and hatred causing a wider racial divide, shame on you!

Just walk around the country with raised hands chanting “Hands up, Don’t shoot!” implying that this was Michael Brown’s last position before being gunned down as an innocent black teen by a racist white cop. St. Louis Rams bring the erroneous pose to the football game so the sport’s world fans can join in with solidarity for justice for Michael Brown. Make tee shirts, buttons, bumper stickers that speak lies about the event and the reason for the protesting to capitalize on the mob mentality heightened by the president and attorney general’s blessings. Michael Brown was not innocent nor surrendering with raised hands. Michael Brown was a troubled fatherless teen who had a juvenile rap sheet plus a couple of felonies since turning 18. Michael Brown was a victim of his own choices to resist, assault, flee and attack an officer of the law. If the circumstances were different Officer Wilson could have rescued Michael Brown from a criminal attempting to kill him then the officer would be a hero to the black community. Next time you have to dial 911 show some respect and gratitude to the responding officers whether they are black or white. Truth vs. lies, his hands were down!


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