MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber tells all & Obama denies all.

The Republicans have distanced themselves from the “Crowning Achievement” infamously known by the term of endearment Obamacare a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act. Not one Republican voted for passage of this concoction of distortions and outright lies. Nancy Pelosi said you have to pass the law to see what’s in it! Between Obama, Reid, Pelosi and MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber they were expecting the stupid Americans to accept the proposal as the gospel truth, Democratic Version implied. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were recorded as hallowing the work of Gruber on more than one occasion yet are presently saying they never heard of this man. Gruber made as many as 12 visits to the White House and was paid $400,000 for his literary services by the Obama administration. Gruber has amassed over $6M in fees for consulting with several State Officials on implementation of Obamacare at State levels. Obama’s champion scribe with the golden pen who forged legal documents to enact an illegal law destined for repeal. Obama has said he stole some of Gruber’s ideas and there is a video tape of the truthful moment.

The Republican dissidents were maligned, ridiculed and portrayed as obstructionists by the Democratic worshippers of Savior Barak. They held their ground for years never budging an inch toward accepting the lies served to them by the whole of the Democratic Party. The Main Stream Media supported the lies every single day since the debut of this 3 Ring Circus – Affordable Care Act. It’s name is also a lie because it is not affordable or else there would be no need for subdidies, the Care part of the title points back to Obama who only cares about himself (narcissistic) and the Act part is the 3 Ring Circus it has turned into these past 4 years!

Now that Gruber has spilled the beans about the hidden agenda to sell this law to the public as a paramount achievement for which Obama should be coronated, Obama, Reid and Pelosi are squirming in their skin. The truth will be converted into lies as usual and customary for Democrats. Steal elections and lie about everything plus produce attack ads to spread defamation of character especially if the target is honest and sincere. Create a war on women to take down the GOP but it strangely back fires because American women are getting smarter at each election cycle not dumber like Obama and Gruber seems to think.

How much more proof is needed before action is taken to dismantle this illigitimate regime? Obama resorted to lies to gain both Senate seat and Oval Office. His first executive order was to seal all of his paper trail so that the truth would stay buried forever. Truth tellers seem to disappear forever like the Hawaiian birth certificate clerk. We now have several videos of Gruber  bragging about his part in drafting the ACA to purposely trick people into accepting it with minimal debate. He was banking on the stupidity of the American populous to confirm it’s longevity. That stupidity vote was granted via all the Democrats who voted with no Republicans on board! Congratulations to the devious crafters of the ACA at succeeding to expose the real stupid ones.

Now that the truth has surfaced what will the Democrats say to defuse this atomic bomb of recorded proof? They will continue to do what they do best which is to lie, lie and more lies. The eyes of this nation must get opened to the facts about the deceiver-in-chief and his plans to steal, kill and destroy America as we have known it. This feckless  president owes the US citizens an apology for deceiving us and fabricating one scandal after another scandal instead of fulfilling his sworn oath to obey the Constitution and protect the citizenry. Obama  needs to surrender his presidency and live in the shame of his offenses and illegal  actions.

The country as divided as it remains allowed a majority of the voting population to elect this derelict not once but twice. Shame on that majority, and you know who you are, for falling for all the lies because you were mystified by this mulatto silver tongued orator that has no moral substance at all. We are all being punished for your poor choice for this incompetent president. Shame on you Afro-Americans for voting for his black skin color instead of his qualifications, and how do you feel now that he is focusing on the illegal Hispanic immigrants and throwing blacks under the bus? Increasing the Democratic voter rolls is more important than the needy blacks to Obama.


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