Let the midterm results speak for themselves!

The populous stormed into the ballot boxes with eager determination to change the way Obama has been doing things by executive fiat. The 2013 Liar of the year was avoided like the plague in the run up to the Nov. 4, 2014 midterm election. Former president Bill Clinton was out stumping for the nervous Democrats wanting to disassociate themselves from their leader. Obamacare proved to be a burr under the saddle for the Democrats as well as the missing economic recovery Obama touts about. False promises and perpetual lies by the truckload veered the Democratic voting machine off road and into the ditch. Darn, now they have to call the GOP to come to the rescue!

Some of the new voter ID requirement laws stayed in place to prevent liberal voter fraud, but some states were forced to return to the old same old ways for cheating to take place. Early voting provided the sneak peak into the voting machine programming which proved that some Republican votes were recorded as Democrats as expected. There were NO Democrat votes recorded in favor of Republicans also as expected! This was not a one time occurrence either also as expected. Why doesn’t honesty bode well with all political parties?

Harry Reid had to shed his Teflon attire so now maybe some of the truthful allegations may stick and interrupt his overdue political career’s end. Stonewalling became a favored way of life for the former boxer turned politician. Reid went from sparring in the ring as an amateur to duking it out on the Senate floor. Harry is a packrat to some degree because he has a tendency to hang onto legislation approved in the House of Representatives, keeping bills piled up on his desk somewhere with no intent to bring to the floor for a vote. Stonewaller or packrat it doesn’t matter because the outcome is the same!

Racial tensions still permeate the air thanks to the Race Baiter in Chief, the mulatto who ignores his whiteness and lies to his blackness. He is putting the illegal aliens ahead of his own people because they are of more value to him as potential new Democrats. His illegal invitees are busy voting because some have been given driver licenses which they use as proof of citizenship even though they are not legal citizens. What has he done to promote the lives of the black community? Maybe Obama’s new paid political advisor the Reverend Al Sharpton can advise POTUS on what to do to earn the respect of his own race. Or maybe Al might just suggest a lie or two that have worked for him in the past after all POTUS is 2013 Liar of the year and that is an earned title at that! Birds of a feather do flock together, just ask either Barak or the Reverend Al.

Abortion activists, imposter American Indian, LGBT advocates, illegal alien employers are among the members of Congress. A virtual melting pot of diversity no less out of which thrives the politically correct police et al. The present Congressional gridlock is frustrating to all and one of the reasons for positive voter turnout this midterm. Most are fed up with POTUS’s executive overreach plus the pen and phone threats. An overhaul is what was needed but some specific surgical replacements did suffice. The electorate was ripe for the voting booths looking to transform back to something more familiar than what Obama was creating.

The polls were pointing to a Republican win by a close margin but the polls were off by more than the typical margin of error this time. The Democrats out spent the Republicans again, they had more attack ads once again, they accused Republicans of using scare tactics and race baiting. With all the negative fanfare exuding from the left they thought they had this election in the bag again. The main character was a ball and chain to the party who now has to face his worst nightmare, the GOP controlled House and Senate. The lame duck is now entering his last two years if he lives long enough and avoids any would be assassins that may even be Muslim, oh contrary! Let’s see if POTUS will start to act presidential by doing his job to protect citizens and the constitution these last two years. His esteemed legacy will be peeled back like onion layers and discarded like trash if he continues with the same modus operandi. The voters have indeed spoken and the language was clearly for the Republic!


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