The President who said trust us!

Just like the boy who cried wolf multiple times to trick his neighbors, then when the wolf actually appeared his cry for help fell on deaf ears. The lesson here is about telling the truth and not taking advantage of someone’s kindness to help in times of need.

Telling something or better yet promising something to gain loyalty for the purpose of winning an election, especially a Presidential election is an extreme expectation. Obama promised keeping your insurance policy if you liked it. He promised you could keep your doctor if you liked him/her. He promised the cost of insurance would save households $2,500 per year. He promised subsidies to be able to afford the new premium costs and most of the states provided those benefits, however only about a dozen states qualified by utilizing The majority of these subsidized enrollees will be paying the subsidy back through their income tax return. The enrollment numbers were also hiked to appear that Obamacare was very popular and exciting for the masses. The website has cost over 2 billion dollars and still not completed on the back end.

Promise, promise, promise with no expectation of delivering on any one of the promises. Lie, lie, lie in order to decieve, deceive, deceive! Our response to these promises and lies is to believe, believe, believe without ever doubting. The title of “Liar of the year 2013” was definitely earned by the tarnished silver tongued orator Obama. Pants on FIRE!

In response to Bill O’Reilly’s question about the IRS targeting of conservatives for tax exempt status Obama replied that there was not one smidgen of corruption! As far as the Fast & Furious Mexican gun running scandal Obama is protecting AG Eric Holder from being prosecuted for ignoring the Contempt of Congress reprimand. What about the other gun running scandal in Libya involving the Syrian Rebels affectionately know as Fast & Furious Mideastern?

Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other colleagues lost their lives because they were attempting to retrieve the weapons from the Syrian Rebels previously granted to them via Obama. Why was Hillary Clinton so bent on blaming the “random attack” in response to an anti-Islamic U-Tube video? Because a video prompting violence was a better cover up for the gun running gone bad. Obama and his ilk are trying to convince the public that the Republicans are on a witch hunt when an investigation is drastically in order.

With the IRS investigation yielding more participants who also had crashed computers like Lois Lerner and the Benghazi investigation revealing Hillary Clinton’s staffers having a document purging party in the basement on a weekend without the department head being invited. These scandals are extremely deceitful and the truth needs to be buried to preserve any moral compass for the Liberal Democrats. Whether they succeed at the cover ups or not their honesty is in question. Keep on crying wolf and no one will believe you including your political base. Obama’s reputation is beginning to precede him and he can’t figure out why his popularity is eroding! How about telling the truth for once but don’t expect anyone to believe you!


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