No force on earth can stop us!

While addressing a group of Amnesty Activists at a dinner meeting Obama declared “There is no force on earth that can stop us!” WRONG again Mr. President! We the people of the United States are the ONLY FORCE courageous enough to confront and oppose you and we are a mighty force to be reckoned with at that. You lied your way into a Senator’s seat in Illinois and you lied your way into the highest seat in this land. Your forged birth certificate and illegal Social Security numbers for Michelle and yourself should have been reason enough to disqualify you from both governmental seats but powerful people hold your strings as their “puppet in chief” to perform at their every whim. You bowed in homage to the King of Saudi Arabia which gave away your secret allegiance to this King of Muslims. You permit Muslim Brotherhood members to be Cabinet members in your administration including in the office of Homeland Security. What a dishonest and deceitful person you really are and what a disgrace that the majority of the public believed your silver tongued lies and elected you not once but ironically twice. Your blindfolded alliance have their heads in the sand or perhaps another place where the sun doesn’t shine!

Obama has proven many times in these past six years that he is looking out for his potential legacy. This is why he started his presidency by going on a world apology tour to let the world know that he was nothing like his presedential predecessors. He was a Nobel Peace Prize awardee and he was going to live up to that status. He promised to end former President George W. Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the troops would be home sooner than later. He bragged about killing Osama bin Laden as if he planned the whole mission and then gives up Seal Team 6 being in the area and the transport helicopter gets shot out of the sky killing 16 Seals. He pulls all troops out of Iraq without a Status of Forces Agreement and watches as Iraq gets overtaken by ISIS the Junior Varsity team. Every major city where American blood was spilled to oust Saddam Hussein’s Revolutionary Guards were resettled by the ISIS jihadists. Obama accepts no blame for any of the wrong decisions leading up to this present fiasco, it was Prime Minister Malaki’s decision to not keep US forces behind.

Obama requested that bids be procured for chaperones to accompany Central American unaccompanied illegal minors to various locations around the country. The first group of several thousands would relocate in the summer of 2014 with tens of thousands to follow via buses and airplanes. Put the word out in Central America that Presidente Obama will grant permission for their entrance into the US. They will need to travel without their whole family and they will be reunited later inside the US. Remember to tell the Border Agents “Permiso” and Obama said he would take care of us. We left our homeland because cartel members were killing lots of people in our villages so we had to escape to be safe. Obama wants the United Nations to classify these illegal immigrants to be refugees so that they will have to be given safe haven in the US. Provide legal counsel for those awaiting deportation hearings because of a higher success rate of entering the US when a lawyer is fighting for you. Ask Congress for $4B for relief funding for this grave humanitarian crisis. House these illegals in the Military Barracks because there is plenty of room since the cut backs in funding.

In Seattle WA a group of 8 illegal minors have asked the ACLU to fight their deportations and the District Attorney has been told to drop the case! So just let them be and give them all the benefits of any other welfare recipients. This is exactly what Obama wants to provide to millions of illegals so he will be garaunteed these aliens will become Democrats and make it impossible for the Republican Party to ever win an election. The economy will never recover if illegals are granted work visas or amnesty. This will bankrupt this nation which I believe is actually on his personal agenda to destroy this freedom loving country. Remember hope and change? So let’s see who will be the victor in this impending clash Obama the anti-president or “We the people of the United States of America”. The FORCE be with us and not POTUS!


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