President AWOL

We are in the preliminary stages of rooting out the cancer known as ISIS the Islamic jihadist group of terrorists from Iraq and Syria. Formerly known as Al Quaida in Iraq they proved to be too barbaric for Al Quaida who separated ties with them. Venturing out independently they have managed to receive financial backing from those in agreement with Sharia Law which is the most harsh form of micromanaging women known to man. The women’s liberation movement should focus on helping these hopeless women instead of demoralizing American men. The opposition these liberators would face would have them fleeing back to the civilized world in a heartbeat. ISIS is proclaiming to be the “Islamic State in Syria” using the religious tie to their Caliphate name. Therefore ISIS associates themselves with Islam contrary to what Obama espouses. These barbaric jihadists are killing in the name of Allah to propel their religion worldwide setting up their governmental seat between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers the region of the Garden of Eden the birthplace of mankind.

Whether out for another round of golf (316 rounds at last count) or at another Democratic fund raising event or another vacation (28 at last count) or another late night comedy or talk show Obama is too busy to perform the duties of his elected office for 1.5 terms now (6 years). He is unappreciative of personal discussions with the Military and Security briefers. He has his daily presidential briefings sent to his iPad so that he can read them IF he feels up to it or NOT. Obama has read only 42% of the presidential briefings he has received which means he is 58% deficient on the security intel. It is no wonder why he is indecisive on foreign affairs especially combatting ISIS. He refuses to accept the professional opinions of his top Military Generals regarding deploying boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. This ignorant refusal to recognize the brightest minds in warfare will come back to bite him.

We all know you received the Nobel Peace Prize even though you did not deserve or earn it but being a peacenick went out of style decades ago. We know that you wanted to end President George W. Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and get world wide recognition for pulling our troops out and you did. However contrary to your cut and run mentality you failed to leave a residual force behind to keep things in check with the terrorists or jihadists ready to fill the vacuum you left for them, congratulations for succeeding at your plan! You gave ISIS exactly what they were waiting for without any US resistance, exactly what our Generals were predicting would happen. Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain wrote a letter of caution regarding an early extraction of forces and the ramping up of the local terrorists being a bad decision that we would regret later. How accurate these Senators were back in 2012, they recognized the impending danger and the loss of ground gained by US blood.

Obama is aloof and so absorbed in turning this country into his Socialist project that he is missing the obvious. He thinks he knows what is best for the citizens even though he does not want to be bothered with debates on important issues like our open borders. He blames the Republicans for a lack of bills getting passed when his puppet majority leader Senator Harry Reid stonewalls 300 plus pieces of legislation from being brought up for a vote. Obama made promises to get elected then broke every one of them without even flinching. The media covers up for him insesently and puts him on a pedestal like a saint. The lame stream media is pathetic and thinks they have to think for us, twist everything to be politically correct and don’t call it terrorism when it is only work place violence. Tell the public there is no need to investigate the IRS for illegal extra screening of Republicans and Tea Party groups, or Benghazi September 11, 2012 deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three colleagues. What about the rush to get to our southern border by Central American unaccompanied minors saying “Permiso! Obama said he would take care of us”? Thousands of illegal unaccompanied Central American minors being transplanted to every state in this country awaiting deportation hearings. All these scandals when the real job of being President is on the back burner. Time is being wasted on illegal activities, vacations, shooting the hoop, rounds of golf, celebrity visits, fund raising, etc.¬†Therefore the president is AWOL and derilect of his duties to protect and govern. Need I say more?


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