AG Eric Holder resignation past due.

Today September 25, 2014 Attorney General Eric Holder will appear on national television to announce his resignation after serving for 6 years. He will remain at his post until his successor is confirmed. He was said to be arrogant when being questioned by Rep. Darrell Issa about the Fast and Furious Mexican gun tracking operation. He was cited for Contempt of Congress over 2 years ago and has managed to deflect any continued efforts to hold him accountable for his disregard for justice. He must think he has executive immunity from upholding justice while occupying the highest seat in the Department of Justice.

He has refused to make Lois Lerner accountable for her illegal IRS scrutiny of Republican and Tea Party groups for tax exempt status. He has been involved in a number of scandals and blocked investigations to protect POTUS. He has extorted millions from major banks for bogus claims of causing the economy to falter. The fines/fees he imposed were payments to stop the investigation process, bribery to be more specific. These extorted funds went to the DNC to fund campaigns with no strings attached.

With Obama out fund raising at every opportunity between golf games and Holder bribing bankers the Democratic coffers are overflowing. Cheating in fund raising and cheating with votes almost guarantees political victories. Holder also sued a few states for voter ID requirements stating that was a racial issue to marginalize blacks to keep them away from polls.

Eric Holder has contempt for those he presided over specifically white police officers reminding him of the humiliation he felt when stopped in NJ for speeding on the highway when he was a young man. He told the residents of Ferguson MO that he could relate to the police oppression they were experiencing from a white officer killing a black teen. He was on their side which was opposite of the police.

Rev. Al Sharpton lauded Holder for being the best civil rights Attorney General this country has ever known. He is also the only AG black or white to be rebuked with a Contempt of Congress charge for not turning over subpoenaed documents for Fast & Furious gun tracking scandal that resulted in several Mexicans being killed and one of our border agents. There should be zero meritorious honors presented to Holder because he can’t even obey the laws faithfully just like brother Obama.

There is also talk about Obama appointing Holder to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is presently 81 years old. Another high position where Holder can violate the laws as is his modus operandi. The Constitution will be shredded if Holder gets a chance to review any part of it. Pushing the envelope seems to be a challenge that Obama and Holder enjoy which is ironic given their backgrounds in law. They are both renegades operating outside the law and are a poor example of faithfully fulfilling the duties sworn to uphold and to protect the US citizens. The first black candidates to hold two of the highest offices in the land are an embarrassment to the Afro-American community and an example of pathological liars at best.


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