ISIS here we come ready or not!

Our Commander in Chief was reluctant to counter your threat against our Nation until you crossed the line. The blood of our journalists flowed from your uncivilized barbaric hands and these inhumane acts of violence will be your undoing as a collective group. You will be hunted down like rabid animals and deprived of rest, food and water while you attempt to escape our trained specialists. You will wish for the ground to swallow you up from fear like you have never imagined. Your minds will begin to doubt if you made a mistake by following after Muhammad and his Allah. You have devoted your lives to jihad in Allah’s name but maybe you got the name of God wrong and the mission to kill a mistake too! Are you really certain about the 72 virgins awaiting your arrival to heaven or maybe you got that destination wrong as well? Does your lust for these 72 virgins compell your testosterone level to increase so you can operate in a sense of rage? Why would Allah give you 72 virgins to defile when your Sharia Law imposes death to women who have extramarital sex? How are you going to feel being out numbered in Allah’s heaven 72 to 1 when you are always in public with mostly men, won’t that be uncomfortable with all those women around? Will these virgins be wearing Burkas and how will you be able to tell them apart? What if one of your 72 virgins happens to have sex with your grand father, father, brother, uncle or cousin? Will there be Sharia Law in Allah’s heaven where you can continue to kill women at will?

Your aspirations to set up a Caliphate in the region where the Garden of Eden was between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers will never be fully realized. You may call your ISIS top leader the Caliph whom you have been waiting to appear to set up his rulership. You may have captured portions of Iraq and Syria and only due to the lack of will to oppose you alone. Now there are 5 Arab countries partnered up with the US Military to decapitate your sadistic fellowship of radical Islamic jihadists. This union of 5 Arab countries proves that you are hated among your own nationalists. You have nothing of promise to offer anyone and your beliefs are empty and hollow like your souls. You will be surgically bombed into your after life and no one will miss you at all. Everyone will shout for joy when you are completely inialated and removed from this earth. But just because you believe your ideas of Allah are true and act to implement that truth as you see it, doesn’t justify the reality of that perceived truth. The truth will always surface and will endure forever. The lies will be exposed along with the purveyors of those lies.

You are a jealous and pathetic breed of peace hating war mongers using tactics from a medieval time period. In case you are wondering what I meant does uncivilized back woods inbred cavemen ring a bell? You are a poor excuse for humanity masquerading around like soldiers of God believing a pack of lies from Satan. You’re so stupid you don’t even know the difference between a message from God or one from Satan. You call any unbeliever an infidel when in fact you are using the same title that applies to you as an unbeliever in the Lord Jesus Christ! Turn a lie into a truth and vice versa to further your cause and mix in some scare tactics to terrorize potential proselytes to accept your lifeless religion. Your existence is one of revenge toward the only true God. You are mere puppets of Satan who masquerades as Allah and his right hand man Muhammad. So steal (dreams of a peace filled life) kill (all who disagree with your tenets of faith) and destroy (families and villages) for Allah and in his empty name. Your reward will ultimately be that of a permanent resident of Hell under the care of Satan instead of God’s Heaven. Together you will suffer the unquenchable fires and suffering that is reserved for those who turn away from the only true God the Creator of the universe and His only true son Jesus Christ the Messiah and Savior. When it is too late to change your heart’s attitude and mind about Jesus you can only regret your biggest mistake in life. You desire to kill all Jews and Christians because you love Satan and despise God. You may not believe a word I am saying but your disbelief does not make me wrong!

Wake up you derelicts of your own souls. Hasten to know the truth about the Creator God and His adversary Satan. Enlighten your minds with the truth of God’s Holy Word to rescue yourselves from eternal doom. Take the blinders off and follow the straight and narrow path to righteousness. Turn away from the true enemy of your souls to discover the truth about this life and man’s quest to know the true God. You can be counted among the true children of the living God and live with Him forever in His Heaven.


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