Let me plan this strategy!

Since that infamous statement to the world about not having a strategy for ISIS, POTUS has been editing his follow up announcements. He really believes he can direct the strategic planning of the mission and gain the acceptance of the few remaining top Generals he hasn’t yet fired. I think when he is wearing his “Commander in Chief” hat he wants to call all the shots. The mastery of war planning is skillfully learned from decades in uniform and field engagements beyond recollection. Let the master planners work their military magic and mayhem with the consensus due the process. Wannabe warriors will run for cover instead of running into the arms fire. Obama has difficulty deciding to get in or get out, ask Putin and Assad.

So now that I do have a strategy I will say that the core of my presidency is to go after anyone who kills a US citizen. I like to think of it like managing a JV basketball team sort of like containing them so they don’t take over too much surrounding territory for a Caliphate. We can do this from the air like we have been doing it no need for boots on the ground we can leave that to the Iraqis and the Syrians. We can form a coalition of Mideastern nations. They can put their century old ideological differences aside long enough to agree on who the present enemy is to rise up against. The Saudis like the Sunnis and the Turks like the Shiites so there may be some minor hurdles to cross.

I’m not sure if any of the regional neighbors will put their boots on the ground or call in the strategic air strikes. G.W. Bush had 49 nations in his coalition and right now I’ve got 9 plus or minus a few. I am the great silver tongued orator capable of swaying public opinion to vote me into office even when my birth certificate was questionable. I apologized to all the Mideastern countries for the misdeeds of all the former presidents. I was selected for the Nobel Peace Prize so it’s rather tough for me to think in terms of waging war especially since I worked so hard to end Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I did draw a red line in the sand with Assad over killing his own citizens but then I changed my mind. I challenged Putin about hijacking Crimea and told him to withdraw from the Ukraine but he wouldn’t budge. I’m a peace maker first and would rather use diplomacy to resolve every issue.

I believe that we can destroy ISIS and do it without our boots on the ground. The coalition members will do whatever they can to defeat the ongoing threat to all Muslims and other religions. As long as we deal with them in their own lands we will not have to fight them here at home unless they are sneaking across the southern border.


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