Make it big or go home!

“Make it big or go home” is a phrase used recently by former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin in regard to the war against ISIS and the fomenting liberals over the amnesty issue by executive order Obama is planning for after the November election.

The first application is a positive one to bolster support for an all out counter offensive to eliminate a world threat. Governor Palin was very direct in her terminology to make a large impact on the enemy leading to their annihilation. Then further inferring if you don’t make it big then you might as well go home and be the loser. I totally agree with this choice of words for the right decision to be made. Kudos to Governor Palin for having the fortitude to speak the truth.

The second application is an alarming one for those who want the southern border secured and the unaccompanied minors returned to their homelands. The Democrats and Liberals want to increase the voter rolls in order to defeat Republicans at every election hands down. So this is a political ploy to out number the Republicans forever and this is a contrived move from the Oval Office.

So if Obama goes big against ISIS and succeeds in the offensive he will be fulfilling his presidential oath to protect the US citizens. He will restore some dignity to the Oval Office. However if Obama goes big on illegal unaccompanied minors being welcomed into our country to become permanent residents then he will further distance himself from better than 50% of the population. He will never turn the economy around and his own black race will hate him for trumping Hispanics over them. All jobs will go to these immigrants and the middle class will disintegrate.


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