IRS is a mirror image of Obama’s administration.

The IRS has been a much feared agency because they wield a large sword and always threaten to use it on we tax payers. They can push an audit your way and make life miserable. They can request the past seven years of tax returns and if you don’t have them you may end up on their wish list. They can fine you and add high interest rates to the fine. If you cannot pay the full amount back immediately they will set up monthly payments for you again with maximum interest charged.

So now the shoe is on the other foot so to speak. The IRS is in trouble now for adding extra scrutiny to Republicans filing for tax exempt status for purely political reasons. The opposition to the Obama administration has cross hairs on their foreheads so they need to be unduly regulated or denied acceptance to tax exempt status. This scandal where there wasn’t one smidgen of corruption according to Obama when interviewed by Fox News Bill O’Reilly is percolating with fresh evidence of misconduct weekly. The “Don’t lie to me or you will be committing fraud” T-Men are rewriting the book on fraud!

Lois Lerner and her cohorts are up to their eyeballs in corruption. Lost emails for several conspirators are secure in data archives but we are being led to believe that to retrieve these emails would be too onerous. The definition of onerous is as follows: Having or involving obligations or responsibilities, especially legal ones, that out weigh the advantages of retrieving the emails in question and requested by subpoena. In other words to protect those involved is more critical than producing the documents that would tighten the noose before lynching them in public.

The stonewalling has to stop now and the culpable made to pay the penalties associated with the infractions or felonies. An independent prosecutor should be selected by Republicans and a select committee formed to expose these blatant actions. The shield of the Oval Office must be thrown to the ground and the perpetrators exposed to suffer the consequences of their hate inspired actions against fellow citizens.

As I’ve said before,  pleading the 5th Amendment during a Congressional Hearing is synonymous to saying “I do know but I’m not telling you!” Also misstating facts while under oath is a felony in regard to John Koskinen IRS top man’s testimony. So the agency who has held tax payers feet to the fire for decades now has their feet being scorched by the fire of truth.


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