There is no God but Allah.

Obama has worn a gold ring for decades with the inscription embedded in the design. “There is no God but Allah” a true Muslim no contest! He may have attended a Christian Church for years in Chicago but that could have been to appease Michelle. He may have been friends with the radical pastor who talked about the chickens coming home to roost in reference to the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centers in NYC. But the man was raised as a Muslim and that shaped his ideology from the formative years forward. The son of a Kenyan is by blood a Kenyan from birth whether or not the birth was recorded in the native land. He was taught about the evils of Colonialism settling the third world countries for the benefit of the English Kings. Foreign occupation of distant lands for the treasured minerals. African nationals being taught to speak the King’s English was too much to expect of locals. These white people were taking over the world and making slaves of the populous. Why should Obama desire to obey any laws written by white men? They turned his young black world upside down. How does he really feel toward his white mother when he was taught negative opinions of the white race?

The God of Obama’s father was the God of Muhammad the Islamic prophet of Allah. Muhammad’s fore fathers date back to the days of Abraham and Ishmael son of Sarah’s Egyptian handmaid Hagar. God did bless Ishmael when ordered to leave Abraham’s camp and revealed that he would become a mighty nation. This blessing however did not include he being the son of promise through which the Messiah and Savior would be born. This promise would be fulfilled through Isaac who was Ishmael’s younger half brother by Abraham and Sarah the former barren Israelite wife.

Obama does not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the creator of the universe. He worships Allah the substitute god who appeared to Muhammad to deceive him into worshipping him in place of the true God. This misrepresentation of the true God could only come about by way of the “Deceiver of the brethren the angel of light” none other than Satan himself. This is an attribute that was given to him by the God who created him as Lucifer the leader of praise and worship among the angelic host of heaven, God’s domain. Lucifer vanquished from heaven for pride in thinking he could exalt his throne above the most high’s throne. Lucifer succeeded in duping one third of the angelic host to follow him and turn from their creator.

Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan and he along with his followers were cast down to earth. God never stripped Lucifer of his powers including his ability to generate music when expelled from heaven. Today Satan is a powerful spiritual force to be reckoned with and his fallen angels now demons have powers as well but on a lesser scale. Satan wants the adulation that belongs to God. That worship reserved for God can be relinquished to Satan by a willing person if that person chooses to squander it on Satan.

The music industry is ripe with artists who care nothing about God and will use their God given talents to curse and defame people for the God of money. Ever hear of backwards masking on old vinyl records? These messages encrypted into the lyrics would speak of Satan or murder and other evil things. These hidden messages would prove Satan’s interest and oversight in subliminally getting his message out through music for which he was originally created by God. Satan’s influence is everywhere and he is still hungry for power and notoriety and will empower those who choose him over God. The purpose of the empowering humans is to bring about evil works such as steal, kill and destroy anything or anyone. When Satan accomplishes these works of evil he is proving to God how much he actually hates him. Satan is aware of his future as hell’s custodian where there will be eternal fire, pain and suffering, which God designed with Satan in mind.

Choose you this day who you will serve! God still wants all to serve Him and not Satan. Choose you this day either blessings or curses, choose blessings. God explains the difference between blessings and curses and then strongly recommends to choose blessings. You cannot serve two masters so the bottom line is that you ultimately have to choose and I hope people make the right choice. Who will you choose Mr. Obama Allah or God the creator? I hope he takes that ring off forever! God bless America land that I love, stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above!


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