Benghazi Consulate on life support.

It is apparent that President Obama wants the Benghazi scandal to disappear. 4 brave Americans put out a call for help while the Benghazi Consulate was under siege by terrorists. That call for help was passed along through those who had the clearance to order the rescue mission. However for presently unknown reasons the hours passed and so did the lives of these brave men. A retired 3 Star Army JAG  Lt. General Dana Chipman is joining ranks with South Carolina’s Rep.Trey Gowdy to excavate the buried facts hidden from all of us. The truth will always surface as long as the excavation continues uncovering the hidden treasures. Hillary Clinton played a major role in the stalled rescue attempt. She included a full chapter in her recent book “Hard Choices” just to tell her story first before the electoral cycle begins. Any questions about Benghazi in the future will be labeled old news by Hillary and no longer note worthy. This behind the scenes confession of her limited involvement with site security and the You Tube video of anti-Islamic rhetoric inflaming the locals will be debunked when the dust finally settles for Hillary. So contrary to the wishes of all involved in this loss of life Benghazi is not disappearing into the sunset but rather is taking on a new life exposed by the infallible truth.

“13 Hours” is a book written by 3 special forces soldiers who were boots on the ground in Benghazi while the attack was in progress. 5 minutes after the request for aid came in these 3 were ready to engage the enemy. The senior CIA agent over the facility ordered them to stand down. Within 30 crucial minutes the stand down order was given 3 times. Finally in a desperate move to assist in the rescue of Ambassador Chris Stevens and others these 3 special forces soldiers defy the order to do what they are highly trained to do, extract! Unfortunately their arrival was too late and the lives of 4 US citizens were stolen by jihadists. They strongly agree that if they were not detained for 30 minutes Ambassador Chris Stevens and colleagues would be alive today. So as Paul Harvey would say “Now you have heard the rest of the story! ”

As of 09/15/2014 the latest news to surface comes from former State Department employees who say they were instructed to meet in the basement of their office building on a weekend. They were required to filter through stacks of documents containing sensitive information about the Benghazi Consulate invasion. They were to remove any document that would expose the facts of that fatal event and incriminate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or anyone else who was part of the stand down order preventing special forces soldiers from rescuing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three colleagues. The man in charge of assembling all the corredpondence for this incident heard about this weekend basement scavenger hunt and paid a visit on Sunday. He recognized a female coworker and asked about the search in progress and was told they were ordered to do this search and purge to remove any culpability from the 7th floor where Hillary Clinton operated her State Department office. This is a major development that could prevent Hillary’s aspirations for the presidency.

Hot off the press September 24, 2014 – A gun running deal to arm Syrian Rebel Forces was attempted to be reversed. Ambassador Chris Stevens was ordered to facilitate in regaining the weapons at the Benghazi Libya Consulate. The possessors of the weapons were angered at this request to return them so they showed up to confront the Ambassador. The seige ensued and the calls for help went out but those calls were ignored by order of someone higher up than the CIA chief at the annex location one mile away. The request for air lift and air strike support were also denied in order for the news of this unapproved gun running operation to disappear. These US citizens in need of rescue were deserted at their post by someone in high places to cover up the truth again. Both Obama and Clinton were privy to this scandal at the very least if not co-conspirators in signing the death warrants for Ambassador Chris Stevens and his three colleagues on September 11, 2012.


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