Amnesty granted illegally is not at all.

Obama may promise to grant amnesty to Central Americans and be sincere but he will once again be overreaching his powers as president. SCOTUS has already ruled against him on several similar rewrites of the law. So is he going to obey the laws or continue to violate them at will?

Obama states that he wants to do what is right for the country. How does he know what the country wants when he won’t even discuss amnesty with the Republicans. He knows what he wants and what would benefit the Democrats but not everyone agrees with him. So he in fact wants to use his pen and prescribe a law to line up with his ideology and present it as the gospel according to Obama. When people object he again will criticize and label his detractors as racial bigots and inhumane.

Now this gang of countless thousands of unaccompanied minor Central Americans were coaxed to trek across Mexico riding on the outside of train cars. A perilous journey no less requiring a level of bravery beyond their years. Leaving parents, siblings and close relatives for the promise (Permiso) from Barack Obama El Presidente de la Estatos Unidos. If you come to the southern border I will not turn you away. I will provide a lawyer to represent you to remain in this country and will also bring your family to join you. Don’t worry I will write my own law to make you US citizens. You may have to wait for a short time but I won’t forget you my children.

Obama has the gall to ask for $4B to help this humanitarian crisis. He also wants the United Nations to rename these illegal aliens as refugees in order to guarantee their remaining in the US due to fleeing being killed in their homelands. The border being sealed is of no importance to Obama even while ISIS is gathering in Mexico preparing to cross the border any day now. As citizens we are at great risk of harm from felons or diseases infecting our communities. We also have Mexican Military crossing the border by land, river and air space sometimes firing on our border guards. Obama does nothing to investigate or confront Mexican authorities for illegal crossings. He doesn’t care about US citizens like he cares about illegals.

Obama can claim that he cares more about unaccompanied minors than the Republicans but that is just another lie of his. He can keep talking about his pen and phone and taking things into his own hands. He thinks the more he mentions executive orders the more legitimate the law breaking becomes. He can mention his intentions to use his pen against Congress a million times but talking about it will never make it legal. Obama is becoming a law breaker destined for prison if he continues on his misguided path to hope and change.


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