It is your time to lead Mr. President!

The Council of LaRaza and the League of United Latin American Citizens are promoting executive action to benefit their associates. Spoken into Obama’s left ear in Spanish toned broken English…”It is your time to lead Mr. President.” Followed by this Latino influenced statement in his right ear…”Being a leader requires making difficult and courageous decisions.”

English spoken words with a situational ethics slant being interpreted “You told us you would take care of us remember Permiso!”  “I have a pen and a phone.”  “I will do whatever I have to without Congress.” “So sue me!”

If Obama has circumvented Congress for the benefit of Democrats he can do it again for these future Democrats. He is an editor in chief when it involves the US Constitution after all he taught college level Constitutional Law. Parts of the law in which he disagrees with are subject to his revised interpretation. Even if the rewrites go before the SCOTUS and are found overreaching the Justices rulings have no merit in Obama’s mind.

Contempt of Congress orders are likewise trampled under foot especially when his right hand African American DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder is ignoring his violation for two years running. Fortify the “Brotherhood” at all costs especially the Islamic extremists who are leading the way to Allah with his virgin populated utopia. Surround yourself with Brotherhood members throughout your cabinets to assist in the “Hope and Change” fallacy.

At least Obama can believe these illegals will vote Democratic if he gives them the chance unlike his broken promises about keeping doctors and insurance plans he duped us with to get the votes. The flood of millions of illegals will cripple our economy and prevent us from ever recovering from this ongoing recession. Our jobs will forever be lost to illegal citizens and poverty will become the status quo.

What about helping the middle class and the American dream disappearing? Neglecting the homeless citizens will be a big mistake and making our own needy citizens wait behind the illegals for assistance will breed anger and resentment. The unifier will become the divider and contempt will prevent peace. It’s all part of his master plan to humiliate us and leave us vulnerable to attacks from enemies of freedom.

So go ahead and make the tough decisions and lead this country the way you have planned and we will see if we remain America the land of the free. God is watching your actions and will reward accordingly.


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