Illegal hide & seek.

Congressman want to know where all the Central American illegal unaccompanied minors were sent after being processed. The Obama administration is ignoring the letters and questions from the press. They are refusing to cooperate with Congress so that the mystery will remain covered up as things usually go with this most transparent administration ever.

Send out the message that any border crossers will be allowed to stay and be given a lawyer to represent them to gain permanent entry. Tell the teens it is better to come alone and family will be sent for later. Take the train through Mexico to the US border. You can be a mule for the cartels to make some spending money. Don’t worry Obama will take care of you “PERMISO”. Tell Border Patrol Agents that your life is in danger from gang members killing kids.

Put the word out that we need proposals for chaperones to accompany immigrant minors to cities throughout the country. Delivery will be via buses and airlines in groups. Transports to begin within 6 months for several thousands with increases following. We can temporarily house them in military barracks since there are only skeleton crews left after the cuts in defense spending . Don’t let this leak out or it will cause an uproar with the public.

Let’s get the UN involved to list minors as refugees so that they can’t be turned away. They are fleeing a bad home life of violence from drug pushers and gangsters. After all it is the humane thing to do and this is truly a humanitarian crisis, those poor kids! The public will understand how can they say no to granting them citizenship? Besides these kids will thank us by voting as Democrats!

We can pull this off to complete the comprehensive immigration bill that the Republicans will spaz over. It will serve them right for wanting to follow that outdated Constitution to the letter of the law! We will give our young immigrants free housing, welfare, food stamps, education, Obamacare and even jobs if they choose to work later on. They can’t help but be loyal to we merciful Democrats, Liberals and LGBT’s. This will be a natural occurrence of the hope and change mantra.

This may have been the case with the inception of this Obama Scandal. The truth will eventually surface and the liars revealed from the Oval Office down through the ranks of his loyal cronies. Who did you vote for in 2008 and 2012? I voted Republican! How do you like Obama now?


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