I have NO strategy!

What an embarrassing admission to the world! The self exalted one has no clear cut plan on how to blow up the embedded enemy ISIS in Syria. Well let the few remaining top generals that survived Obama’s forced retirements and firings compile the strategies unless Obama thinks he could do a better job. The financial cuts to the military went to fund Hamas and the Brotherhood since their Muslim ambitions are more mission worthy to Obama than fortifying our own defenses. Obama is not only clueless about strategy he is also afraid to upset the Muslim world. He is one of them and is handing over this country to the true infidels the enemies of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the creator.

We can manage this ISIS group and contain them. They are more of a regional threat and no direct threat to our country. We can continue to provide air strikes as we have been doing but we will have no boots on the ground. The coalition members can provide the foot soldiers and the target locators for continued air strikes. We can provide an extra 450 soldiers to train the Iraqis and Syrians but fail to mention how long it will take for the training. The surrounding countries are hesitant to jump in taking sides with the US and use of nearby air bases will be limited for the same reason.

We will decimate ISIS but we won’t label this skirmish a war because we don’t want to return to that G.W. Bush mindset. We will refrain from calling the opposition terrorists because that may inflame this situation. Britain just lost one of their citizens to the barbaric jihadists of ISIS filming the beheading. The US has also lost two of our citizens in recent weeks. ISIS said our actions in Iraq has brought about these beheadings. ISIS also said they will see us in NYC and they would fly their jihadist flag from our White House. If this message is not a proclamation of waging a war against the US then I will need to shut up.

Obama needs to let the Military Generals forge the plans for the offensive attacks since they are seasoned veterans. Obama also needs to realize that although he may have a silver tongue he should leave the rules of engagement alone so the troops are not shackled to political desires. War is war and you cannot limit the tactics just to be politically correct. Give our Military the equipment and funding to wage a war that will result in victory, and the troops will fight the best fight that they are capable of achieving. Plus don’t ever announce to the world that you have NO strategy going into a conflict again!


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