Lois Lerner facing prison time.

Pleading the 5th Amendment in a Congressional Hearing is synonymous to saying “I do know but I’m not telling you”. As facts formulate the case building against her the wagons circle around her to isolate her from the consequences of her prejudiced targeting of Republican Tea Party groups. Lerner was at the center of the kangaroo court holding up the granting of legal tax exempt status applications. Many months past normal waiting times to prevent the political actions of US citizens to advance their party’s candidates. We can do this and you can’t stop us seems to be the norm with the Obama administration. If you interfere with us you are racists and need to be slapped down again.

Don’t worry about this investigation going anywhere since Eric Holder is presently defying a Contempt of Congress order for over 2 years now. Besides a former colleague of Lois Lerner is now working for the DOJ and was selected by Eric Holder to represent the IRS in legal defense. Truth is being muzzled by the Obama administration again and again. This DOJ appointee needs to recuse himself since he assisted Ms. Lerner with targeting the Tea Party groups. Eric Holder needs to allow for his replacement as overseer to move forward from here.

The IRS removed all data from Lerner’s BlackBerry and destroyed the device after the hearings had already started. This was wrong doing at it’s best and by the organization that would prosecute you for smaller infractions. The IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has misstated the truth twice while under oath at the Congressional Hearing. The missing emails are still in existence in data archives and can be retrieved no matter what we’ve been told. The task too onerous to expose the truth? Make the time to data mine these telltale emails! Leave no rock unturned!

Post Script : 5 more email accounts of IRS scandal perpetrators are now reported unrecoverable. The geeks can retrieve these onerous files just as easily as the previous group of lost emails. In addition to this extra sucker punch delivered by the IRS the Democrats are saying that they have discovered no evidence linking IRS agents to any scandalous activities against the Republicans or Tea Party groups. In their view the case is solved and should be closed ASAP. Thus the need for a special prosecutor to be selected to spearhead this investigation. This time let’s exclude anyone who was a former IRS or DOJ colleague or campaign donor!


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