Unbridled spending of our taxes.

What would it cost for a round of golf at a premier course? Include your opponents fees then add the airfare of Airforce 1 round trip. Secret Service agents and pilots need to get paid, eat (dine out) and sleep too (lodging). Who really knows that exact cost and multiply that cost by 316 rounds played to date for POTUS and guests?

Now what about the cost of a vacation for the family for a week away? Once again you have your entourage to include and the accommodations will be far better than average since this is POTUS and company. The best of dining, room service and attractions if available. This time multiply the cost times 28 vacations to date with 2 more years to go!

What about the jaunt back from Martha’s Vineyard for POTUS to attend a dinner in honor of his head chef soon to be married? Everyone thought he was going to have a special meeting to discuss ISIS in Iraq or Putin taking over the Ukraine. Guess he fooled us thinking he was going back to work! He just wanted to show us he could use Airforce 1 for any leisure time activity whether we approve of his lavish spending or not. He does exactly what he wants regardless of protocol.

What about his request for additional funding to process his illegal invitees? He opened the door for their arrival at our southern border yet denies any involvement. This fabricated humanitarian crisis of adolescents is being used to play on our sympathies to let them in. He is putting us at risk of diseases being brought in and gang banger murders, drug addicts, smugglers, felons, rapists and child pedophiles. He wants us to pay for their entry and their sustenance after entry!

PS: Obama was denied access to 3 golf courses in NY for Labor Day because members would have to vacate course so Obama could be better protected by Secret Service. Owners didn’t want to inconvenience their loyal members out for a Labor Day round of golf. So for POTUS a round of golf includes clearing the entire schedule of appointments for tee times to have the course in private setting. Multiply this new cost of renting the whole course times 316 outings thus far with 2 years remaining in his official second term.


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