ISIS waiting for border access.

Well we have yet another reason to clamp down our southern border. This potential new arrival is more vicious than any Central American unaccompanied minor, gang members included! The medieval barbarians known as ISIS, radical jihadists of Islam are attempting to intimidate US citizens with their summary beheading of innocent men, women and children. They have no mutual respect for life and especially toward any unbeliever they encounter. Allah has instructed them to wage holy war against all infidels so they claim.

The God of creation has ordered these misguided followers to kill His creation because He is God over death as well as life? God is the only giver of life and Satan is the author of death and destruction. So why would God be overseeing and ordering the destruction of infidels when that task belongs to God’s adversary Satan? Maybe there is some confusion about who is who!

God is not the author of confusion either for that is a characteristic of His enemy once again Satan. God is about truth and honesty, love and peace, none of which pertain to His enemy Satan. Impaling severed heads on poles to display their brutal carnage is not a command of the true God of creation,  so since this act of barbarism involves taking innocent lives, Satan would be the perpetrator of this heinous act. Oh my gosh!  So these radical jihadists (ISIS) are following Satan’s desires to steal, kill and destroy? What would the prophet Muhammad say if he knew these jihadists were not following God but instead Satan?

It’s interesting how Muhammad and Allah came to notoriety through the descendents of exiled Ishmael. Although Ishmael was sent away from his father Abraham and younger son Isaac he was blessed by the true God to procreate and become a mighty nation. Ishmael did leave Abraham’s camp and took along anger and hatred for his younger half brother Isaac God’s chosen one through whom the Messiah and Savior would be born.

I believe that Allah and Muhammed are Satan’s substitutes for the God of creation and His only son Jesus. There is an innate animosity in the hearts and souls of the descendents of Ishmael toward their half brother Isaac’s descendents because of the real promise granted to Abraham, because he dared to believe God. Abraham inherited the promise of the Messiah coming from his loins partnered with Sarah. He tried to bring about that promise by using Sarah’s concubine to which Sarah agreed. God had other plans that involved the elderly barren Sarah who ultimately gave birth to Isaac at age 90.

The Jews are Isaac’s descendents and the Arabs are Ishmael’s descendents. The Jews remain God’s chosen people no matter how much this angers everyone else. God’s plan also includes the rise of the Anti-Christ in the last days who will attempt to exalt himself above Jesus Christ. This is the enemy of God personified in the flesh for God’s ultimate plan. My belief is that Anti-Christ will come from the descendents of Ishmael because of the innate hatred in their hearts for the Jews. God the creator will be victorious with this Anti-Christ to prove that He alone governs the affairs of all men.

So whether or not ISIS gains entry into our country due to porous borders or by invitation of POTUS,  they will never succeed at world domination or the existence of an Islamic Calephate. They may have limited success at hurting our citizens but that power over us will pass. God will not allow the total destruction and ultimate take over of our country by the hands of ISIS. So pick another location to bring your perverted ideology to ISIS.


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