AG Eric Holder – Extortionist

Chicago is known for association with organized crime and corruption. The city where you can count as many as 25 youths killed in a day. Obama worked there as a community organizer which he thought made his resume look professional. His organizational skills have been on life support for years now!

However I want to talk about another one of Chicago’s hatchlings. Attorney General Eric Holder was steeped in the Chicago style thuggery and is still operating from that strong arm platform today. He has been on a rampage attacking the nation’s largest banks extorting billions from them over trumped up charges that probably wouldn’t survive a panel of 12 jurors. He uses hypothetical victims to convince bankers he has something over on them. In turn these bankers pay his proposed fines as restitution for the plaintiffs when in fact none of them ever see a dime of the money. Guess where these extorted funds are going?

The Democratic base has some “tax exempt” political organizations that are being funded to the max without any labor, blood, sweat or tears required at all. How about that IRS tax exempt status approved by none other than the Democrat Lois Lerner! Free of course provided by the Chief Justice Department official himself law abiding AG Eric Holder.

How much easier can it be to run a political race when the funding automatically arrives via Holder’s cronies and the poll workers are involved in voter fraud across the country? The early voter ballots can be sorted per party and then used later with tallies that ensure a Democratic win. The deceased won’t know that they are still voting post mortem so who is going to hear any complaints coming from the graves? Don’t forget to complain about having to prove who you are with a legitimate form of ID. Finally remember there are no free seconds like in the lunch line so cast your vote just once!

Holder has managed to dodge the “Contempt of Congress” charge for over 2 years without any problems so far. Why should he fear any charges for extortion especially when the Democratic Party is the prime beneficiary and POTUS is king? Obama and Holder are cut from the same cloth and they have each other’s backs so there is no reason for fear to be present. The brothers are in control!


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