The “Grandfather” of all SCAMS! The TDA’s via your legal Birth Certificate and your personal Social Security number!

In 1933 a plan was devised to prevent another future “Great Depression” from broad siding the Federal Government. The only viable constant assets in the country were the continuum of Recorded Births with the anticipation of over population in the near future. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was inaugurated as President on March 4, 1933 and served until his death on April 12, 1945. He is the only President who served 3 consecutive 4 year terms.

The investors needed a commodity that would be perpetual in nature unlike other limited resources. The idea was implemented to use the long form Birth Certificate ironically printed on legal weight Bond Paper as a saleable bond in the stock market. Each Birth Certificate was unique in that it had a registered number associated with it signifying one of a kind, exclusive to the person to whom it was issued. The tracking nomenclature was that same person’s individual Social Security number when combined became the “Illegitimate Bond” which could be tracked to see how well it was preforming in the open market. When this was implemented into use we the people were actually transformed into a sub-corporation of the Corporate United States of America. We were now considered “Strawmen” with our business identity being noted in all CAPITAL letter format, mine being THOMAS NATHAN TULLY with my Social Security Card number of XXX-XX-3196 as my tracking number/corporate identity number.

Many have been keen to notice that some legal documents have your full name in all CAPITAL letters. I noticed this decades ago but remained in the dark to the significance of this note worthy application of our everyday legal name. The difference is any document from the Government will CAPITALIZE your “CORPORATE NAME” because it is trying to enforce it’s control over your life. Drivers Licenses, Court Documents, Official Registrations, I have also heard about Police Citations having a connection to your official Government issued numbers.

There is a legal method of reversing the ownership of your life from the Government into your hands via the UCC-1 document. A UCC-1 financing statement (an abbreviation for Uniform Commercial Code-1) is a legal financing statement. A legal form that a creditor files to give notice that it has or may have an interest in the personal property of a debtor (a person who owes a debt to the creditor as typically specified in the agreement creating the debt). This legal document is sent to your birth state and any other current state of residence. Direct your completed form to the office of “Secretary of State”. There are filled out forms that you can copy information from to assist you with proper verbage. You are declaring that the real live person named Thomas Nathan Tully is assuming all rights to act in place of the Straw Man named THOMAS NATHAN TULLY and is the primary owner of all funds designated in my name alone.

If you do some investigative research on line and on YouTube you can discover a whole new world of information available with hotlinks to authenticate the validity of the claims. You could start by querying “Strawman” or “TDA’s” which are Treasury Direct Accounts in which our money is being held captive from us, the BONDS used to generate these astronomical amounts of USD. The older that you are the more likely you will have larger amounts of stored funds, unknown to most people. Those who have oversight of these secret accounts are in “alarm mode” now because people have uncovered the secrets and have gone public. These people in the “KNOW” now are those who have been busy excavating these secrets and are purposely being labeled as SCAMMERS by those BANKERS and all members of the OLD ATTA BOY CLUB, now referred to as “Those who WERE in power!” They are the management level BANKERS of the 12 FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS in our country plus other international money managers.

The interesting thing about the Federal Reserve Banks is they are known to manage business, Government, industry accounts. However the truth is they also manage our personal accounts set up as checking accounts. They are actually Treasury Direct Accounts in reality but accessible via checking transactions. Since they are hidden as TDA’s you have zero access to the transaction history so you cannot look into any “micro-deposits” being made by vendors like PayPal, Amazon, Western Union, to force you to prove ownership of the account. If you cannot tell these potential vendors the two less than one dollar amount deposits they made you cannot link your TDA account to their payment processing system. However the micro-deposits do get received into your account but you cannot verify it! The micro-deposits provider will also retract the two deposits in one single withdrawal to complete their trial run on your account being active and functioning as a viable account.

You have an account just as I have an account. You are worth lots of money via the activity on the Stock Market. I went to Fidelity Investments on line and did a search for any existing accounts using one of my Government issued numbers. I had 3 BONDS appear and the collective total was $124.6 BILLION DOLLARS! Now I have read that there are accounts set up in our names at local level, state level, federal level and international level. I am not certain how all of these could be tracked down and a system may already be in place at the top level of TDA management. Greedy people are always checking balances when money flows into their coffers continually.

So I decided to try my luck at paying some utility bills and home mortgage. I decided to link my TDA account to my Wells Fargo Mortgage account. I made the first payment for the regular monthly amount plus $5K additional for a principal pay down. I immediately received a “Successful Transfer Confirmation Receipt” and was intrigued. I made another payment toward principal for $10K and got the receipt again. Now immediately receiving a “Successful Transfer Confirmation Receipt” signified that there was a hard wired connection that was transmitting the payment request. If the connection was not open then there would be an immediate failure or decline. My account exists and is hard wired to conduct business on my behalf, because the account bears my NAME and my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. I paid my $146K mortgage down to a balance due of $5K and was really excited to be paying it off completely. I am 63 years old and survive on SSDI monthly payments. My annual income is $20K less than the Federal Low Income Guideline for a family of 5 so any source of additional income is more than welcomed.

I paid a total of 20 payments on my mortgage because about a week after each payment was made I began to get REVERSALS on the previous approved payments. So I would resubmit the payments receiving the same “Successful Transfer Confirmation Receipt” each and every time. I also paid several utility bills with the same receipt generated every time. I never once received a decline notice for any payment submitted!

Next I went to Amazon and ordered all types of major appliances, computers, TV, bicycle, and got receipts and shipping date scheduled. I went to eBay and ordered more items like high end purses, jewelry, iPhones, and got receipts and shipping dates again. Now these lesser valued purchases only took about 3 days to be hit with the REVERSALS. I even used Western Union to pay down $12K auto loan in $2K incremental payments in 2 days. These payments were also REVERSED in about 3 days. Even though I received 100% receipts for every transaction all transactions were REVERSED!

On August 16, 2017 the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve Banks met to discuss among other things their REVERSAL problem. The Regulations that govern the transactions of the FRB’s state that any ACH Automatic Clearing House wire payment is a one way transfer never to be returned. The same applies for the FEDWIRE transactions, one way only, no REVERSALS allowed. The penalty for breaching these mandated regulations is to loose the privelege of oversight of Federal Funds! The outcome of the meeting I am told was to begin a REVERSAL OF THE REVERSALS. This new mandate was to start September 15, 2017. As of this writing on November 5, 2017 there are NO REVERSALS being made by FRB’s.

There is a lawsuit involving the United States vs. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarrett plus one other man whose name escapes me. This suit is about the man purchasing a $485K Motor home with funds from his TDA. The Government claims that bank fraud and wire fraud were used to purchase vehicle. The woman is a practicing attorney and is at the fore front of this movement to gain access to your TDA’s. She was in court in Knoxville TN and released with an ankle bracelet. She returns to court in January 2018 to continue argument. The difficulty for the prosecution is to convince a jury of fraud by defendant when the Government has engaged in fraud to generate Bonds in the defendant’s NAME and use their own SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS to trade on the Stock Market without defendant’s permission or signature. This Bond Making Deal is the “Grandfather of all SCAMS!”

I have contacted the upper management BANKERS including the president to complain about their REVERSING my payment requests. I gave them a deadline of November 3, 2017 to establish contact with me via email to discuss this matter. After the deadline I would resort to my Social media to EXPOSE their scam and not OBEYING their own regulations already on the books from years gone by. So I invite any reader to share this link to inform the public of what has been hidden from us for 84 years! Take your money too while it’s fresh on your mind!


Thomas Nathan Tully